The Co-op exists to serve its members and community. We take heaps of pleasure and pride in our role as investors in the social, environmental and economic well-being of our community.

Here are some of the ways we participate in the community…

Through Education

With our newsletter, website & classes as well as hosting speakers, lots of educational events and plentiful recipes and special diet tips. Find out more about all these great opportunities to fill up on fine info on our Community Education page.

Through Giving

We have a long list of ways in which community groups can access funding, including grants, sponsorships, gift card fundraisers, donations and more. Find out about how you and your community group can receive support on our Community Giving page.

Through Advocacy & Activism

By supporting organizations that share our objectives and advancing causes that are in line with our Mission–from local agriculture to food access and everywhere in between. Find out about the organisations and initiatives we love and support Advocacy & Activism page. Plus find out what we’re doing right now, on our On the Table Blog page.

Through Supporting Local

For decades, the Co-op has gone the extra mile to stay local. We have carried and promoted local foods and products, provided a fair price for those products, and done our best to advocate for and mentor small local businesses. Find out more about our True Local Program.

Also, wherever possible, we purchase support services and products locally–from office furniture to store design. And don’t forget, because we are a local, independent co-operative, all of our management is local, not at a faraway head office. Plus, all of our profits stay local too!

Through Sharing Resources

By offering our time and resources to community groups, local suppliers, sister co-operatives, government and businesses. And by sharing our covered area with community organizations for awareness raising.  To make use of our covered area, simply contact us on our Connect with Us page.

Through Celebrations

As a way to share our success with everyone. We love a good get together; like our June birthday celebrations, Local Supplier Appreciation events, Earth Month activities and Robbie Burns Dress Up day (why not, right?) to name just a few! To keep up to date on these and other fun events,  visit our Events Calendar.