Why being a Co-op member is so great…

Being a member at the Kootenay Co-op gives you the opportunity to:

Save money with financial benefits

  • Each month, we put hundreds of items on sale throughout the store. Only members can benefit from these prices. Members saved over $1.8 million in 2018-19!
  • Case-lot Sales in the spring and fall and fall feature over 120 items on deep discount
  • Annual Patronage Return (as recommended by the Board of Directors)
  • 10% Discounts on case purchasing
  • Purchases over $500 receive instant 10% discount
  • Discounts on cooking classes, wellness classes and events

Eat great food

You are what you eat! Your diet provides the foundation for health and is a determining factor in your future wellbeing and how you age. At the Co-op, it’s easy for you to choose real food that’s fresh, delicious, healthy, and of the highest quality that our customers have come to expect. It means we offer a lot that is organic and local, with a huge selection of bulk and minimally-processed foods. We read the labels carefully, refuse to carry products that don’t meet our buying guidelines and we offer a wide selection of alternatives to wheat, dairy, sugar, and other common allergens.

Invest in your community

The Co-op is a values-based organization that exists to serve our members and community. This means we do things like buy from local farmers and suppliers whenever possible, give thousands of dollars in grants, scholarships and food donations to community groups, return a percentage of our profit directly to our member-owners, sponsor social and environmental projects, advocate for positive changes in our community and industry, shop locally, pay our employees a living wage… and that’s just a start! Every single dollar you spend at the Co-op ensures a greater return to the local economy and is an investment in the well-being of your community.

Participate as an owner

All Co-op members are empowered to be an integral part of our operations. As a member-owner, you get a voice and a vote in our cooperative business. You elect the Board of Directors and vote on resolutions at our Annual General Meeting. You can provide feedback on how the Co-op is doing any day of the week–and actually have the feedback make a difference! Hundreds of products and dozens of community projects are the result of member suggestions. Keep ‘em coming! The Co-op also has a provision for members to receive a Patronage Return when recommended by the Board. We truly do exist to serve our members and community, not a distant corporate office.

Support your health

Rest assured–when you shop at the Co-op, you are supporting your health and doing right by the planet at the same time. The extensive range of fair-trade, organic and earth-friendly products, the high-quality vitamins, supplements and body care products with safe ingredients, all comprise a one-stop-shopping experience that supports your health and well-being. The Co-op’s customer services, information pamphlets and recipes, all from a cooperatively-owned business that supports local businesses and sustainable farming practices, presents an unsurpassed health resource for you, your family and the whole community.

Learn about food

Education and training are an important part of a thriving community. The more you know about food, diet and the planet, the more you can make informed choices for yourself and family. To that end, we fill our newsletter, On The Table, with helpful info about products, suppliers and activities. We host and sponsor fantastic cooking and wellness classes as well as knowledgeable speakers and workshops. We provide hundreds of recipes, pamphlets on special diets, ingredient alternatives, food preserving and more. We also love partnering with other organizations to raise awareness about food and environmental issues. Our staff are knowledgeable, caring and happy to provide you with product and nutritional information.

 “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,” –  Hippocrates

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