Help to Guide the Co-op as a Member of our Board!


Thank you for your interest in serving on the Board of Directors! Here are some frequently asked questions! Read more in the Board Candidate Package 2019.

What is the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is a group of seven people who work together to govern the Co-operative. Six of them are elected by members of the Co-operative, and the seventh is elected by the Co-op’s staff. The term is two years, and about half of the Director seats are up for re-election each year. The Board meets once per month, and each member serves on one of three committees: Member Outreach, Finance, or HR.

What does the Board of Directors do?

The members, as co-owners of the Co-op, entrust the Board of Directors with the governance of their shared asset. The Board of Directors sets the strategic long-range direction of the cooperative, hires and evaluates the General Manager, and holds ultimate accountability for sound management of the Co-op.

Why should I run for the Board of Directors?

Fulfill your desire to engage with a real-time community of your neighbours and friends to do something meaningful.

“I want to help in taking the next step and initiate change and healthy growth in our community.”

– Alexandra Forsythe, 2017-present


Enjoy the satisfaction of working with a dynamic team to take on the unique challenges of co-operative grocery.

“Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with many dedicated Directors and wonderful staff members, who all share a common passion for this vibrant, values-based and incredible Co-op.”

– Abra Brynne, Board President

Take pride in bringing important issues to the table and helping our co-op succeed in its mission and vision.

“I enjoy how the Kootenay Co-op’s values of cooperation, honesty, openness and being socially responsible are aligned with my values.”

– Maureen Kelsey, 2016-present


Transform yourself from passive recipient into an active participant in our food system.

“Serving on the board of the Kootenay Co-op has been a life enriching experience and has allowed me to participate in and understand the importance of food systems both locally and globally. ”

– Maggie Jones, 2017-present

What are the benefits of serving on the board?

  • Develop professional skills in leadership,
    teamwork and management.
  • Build professional & personal relationships.
  • Access training opportunities offered by the Co-op and its affiliates.
  • Earn a monthly honorarium in store credit.
  • Feel good about making a difference in your community.

What is the election process?

  • Contact the board to attend a meeting to see the board in action.
  • Review the Board Candidate Package and enure you meet the eligibility requirements
  • Complete the Candidate Application Form and submit it to our Customer Service or to board (@) by July 31.
  • Online and in-store voting begins in August and concludes at the Annual General Meeting in September.

Review the Board Candidate Package 2019, and apply by submitting the Candidate Application included in the package.