Expanding the Floor Space – From the Employee Point of View


I have been working at the current Co-op location for 1.5 years now and worked previously in 1991 for about the same length of time at our past location which is now Gerick’s Cycle and Sports.  Working my second stint with the Co-op has a marked element of “déjà vu” with respect to the “close quarters” and what we’ve now come to call, “shoebox warehouse” reality.

By early 1991, customers were cheek-to-cheek while shopping and paying for their groceries.  Having case-lot sales of products was unheard of!  Our “deli” consisted of our current finance/office goddess, Carolyn, working after store hours so that she could find an available flat surface to sterilize for cutting and packaging of cheese for our cooler.  Everyone was salivating, waiting with baited breath, for the upcoming move into our fabulous new store at the other end of Baker Street.  I recall waltzing around our current store while we were joyfully setting up and stocking our many new products on the shelves, with arms outstretched….marveling at our good fortune.  How these spaces have since closed in!

We are now, once again, working in unbelievably confined spaces. Our staff has grown to almost 90 people!!  Once again we are cheek-to-cheek!

Staff are having to go off-site for meetings, some managers have offices in what others may deem to be a hallway, and customers often cannot pass one another in the aisles if they both have shopping carts.  We dream of being able to say yes to the majority of customer requests for cases/boxes of our shelf items…. alas, we just cannot fit a single thing more into our shoebox of a warehouse.  Our fabulous buyers are constantly in the conundrum of which product to stop carrying in order to make space for yet another fabulous product newly on the market.  Staff are often “encouraged” by our lack of staff-room space to wander outside for their breaks…which is amazing when it is sunny and less than amazing in the rain or snow.  Although children are our future members, they are often not the most patient shoppers as they accompany their parents through the shopping routine.  For this reason, we have attempted to create a space for them to retreat into a child’s world of colouring and reading behind our Customer Service counter.  Unfortunately we are constricted to a tiny table next to the emergency exit door which we have to struggle to not have taken over by various boxes and items desperately needing a spot. We dream of a nurturing space where children can feel comfortable and be happily engaged while their parents shop in peace and with focus.

Your Board of Directors is excited to be brainstorming ways to manifest our future space into a place of ease, for shopping, and, for working.  We can’t wait to happily greet you there….with our arms outstretched wide once again!


Cathy-Ann Glockner, Employee Director on the Board


Cathy-Ann Glockner is one of our newer Board Directors. The Co-op’s Employee Director position on the Board of Directors is reserved for a staff member, other than the General Manager, to participate in Board activities. The Employee Director (ED) is a full member of  the Board of Directors with the same rights and responsibilities of all Directors.



Contacting the Board

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