New Products and Services: A Board Perspective


Your Board of Directors is first and foremost a governance board – meaning that operational matters are always handled by our trusted managers and staff. That said, the Board continues to take on the role of stewarding our Co-op’s strategic goals and direction and receives ongoing reports from our General Manager on how those goals are being operationalized. For us, we take pride in watching how all of us (Board and member-owners) create what appears on the store shelves and the decisions which impact both staff and shoppers.

The Transition to a New Store – What’s Happening on the Ground

Moving to a much bigger and better location, and expanding our role in the community, is a process that begins long before the first moving truck backs into the new loading dock.

Management is already actively engaged in researching and implementing new systems, procedures and products in preparation for the eventual move. Adding to the day-to-day running of our current and highly successful operation, they also have the significant task of ensuring all this ‘new-ness’ aligns with and is rooted within our Mission, Principles and Strategic Goals.

What’s new NOW?

  • Updated buying guidelines
  • A more in-depth supplier information package to support current and future suppliers
  • Easier-to-read and more informative signage in Deli and Produce
  • New state-of-the-art website
  • Clearer, more detailed expectations for all staff to foster increased efficiency and an even better place to work and serve our member-owners
  • New Point-of-Sale systems resulting in shorter lineups, better accuracy, and improved efficiency. (Anticipated launch June 2014)
  • And, of course, an ongoing array of new LOCAL products: Chakra cereal by Nutritive, SoulFire Foods, Weir-dough Bakery, Lucky Cupcakes. Many more new Produce and Deli suppliers are expected this summer

Products and Services planned for our NEW store:

  • A 40 to 50 seat cafe and seating area will be supported by a significantly expanded Deli and a full in-house kitchen
  • Dedicated cheese, meat and seafood departments
  • Greater emphasis on ethnic foods and an extensive selection of Italian products
  • Expanded frozen foods, wellness products and grocery section
  • A space for cooking classes and a community meeting space
  • Expanded warehouse, office and staff room areas to ensure a safer, more efficient and pleasant environment for our dedicated workers

STAY TUNED as we work NOW to ensure the spreading of our wings into our new location is as seamless, effective and efficient as possible.

In Co-operation,

Susan Morrison, Board Director