Discussion Diary: The Stop


The main theme of this month’s book was change relating to the way we think about poverty as a society.

I walked in believing that while the book was interesting, it was a soft pitch. No one in Nelson would disagree with it’s line of thinking. Everyone would stand up say the same thing over and over for two hours and that would be it. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

While everyone felt positively about the book, the variety of intelligent view points helped to deepen my understanding of the book in ways I hadn’t considered. An immensly moving moment occured early on when a participant related their own struggles with poverty. They paused briefly to mention their challenges with speaking in public and sharing with others before continuing bravely on despite their fears. The energy after they finished was electric. I felt like doing backflips around the room!

They set the tone for a fantastically enlightening discussion that continued throughout the night. As the meeting wound down talks concentrated on taking concrete action to change our thinking around poverty in the community. This month’s meeting exceeded all my expectations. I know I’ll be back for more.