March 2019 Community Grant Recipient: Nelson and District Youth Centre


March 2019 Community Grant Recipient:
Nelson and District Youth Centre

The Eazy Eats project will “provide youth with the opportunity to access healthy, wholesome meals in a bias- and barrier-free environment that will aid in improving the quality of their lives. Youth will learn valuable cooking skills, like making meals from scratch. […] In Eazy-Eats, not only will youth be provided with a meal, they will learn how to prepare and clean up after each meal, while gaining important food safety knowledge, cultivating a positive relationship with food, reducing food waste, and learning how to budget and shop with little to no funds. Youth who participate in Eazy-Eats will also have the opportunity to become socially connected to peers who may be facing similar challenges in their lives. The opportunity to make new connections with peers and community members may mitigate some of the barriers they face in regard to food security, poverty and social disconnection.” We feel really great about supporting a program like this. The $430  grant donation will cover the cost of the food used for the program.

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Want to apply?

The Kootenay Co-op Community Grants Program offers up to $500 for community projects or initiatives that help us towards our Vision: We envision thriving communities with resilient food systems, where all people have access to affordable food that is healthy for our bodies, our communities, and the Earth.  These grants are funded by our generous members through the tip jars at the café checkout!

Community Grants are available to local organizations for community projects, programs or initiatives.  Successful applications will include specifics about the project and its impact on our local community, alignment with our Vision, the ability of organizer(s) to complete the project, and how our Co-op’s contribution fits within the overall budget. Organizations and programs can receive a maximum of one Kootenay Co‑op Community Grant per 12-month period. Organizations must acknowledge the Kootenay Co‑op’s contribution in their project materials.

Application Process:
1. Complete Community Grant Application. If you need more space to explain your project, additional materials are welcome.
2. Submit the completed application to Customer Service or electronically at
3. A committee of Kootenay Co-op staff, Board and members will review applications and make grant awards on a quarterly basis.

Applications Due: December 1st, March 1st, June 1st, September 1st