March 2019 Community Grant Recipient: SEEDS (Seniors Economic Environment Development Society)


March 2019 Community Grant:
SEEDS (Seniors Economic Environment Development Society)

“The goal of this project is to move and rebuild a greenhouse gifted to SEEDS by the City of Nelson and establish a new location for SEEDS operations. The city has donated park space on 7th street, across from Lakeview Village (a senior assisted living centre), for this purpose. This will create a cohesive space where SEEDS can foster an environment for inter-generational learning and teaching. Seniors will be able to share their knowledge of gardening and growing food with the youth of Nelson. We hope to continue to provide nutritional vegetables to relief agencies as we did in the past from our new location, as well as improve and expand our programming, and create a community garden in our new location. SEEDS will continue to support food education for local elementary students in the district.

This project will contribute to local food security and increase access to affordable, fresh and healthy food that we grow in a socially just and environmentally sustainable manner. SEEDS will be able to offer workshops and demonstrations at its own outdoor classroom showing the public where, how and when local food is produced, how to access it, eat seasonally and preserve food. More people in Nelson will have the skills, confidence and resources they need to grow some of their own food. We envision this project as something that we can expand upon and share with other communities in the area.”

We chose SEEDS for a grant this quarter for these reasons and SO MANY MORE! Thank you for helping us support this awesome local organization. The $500 grant will go towards the initial costs of site preparation and machinery rental.

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Want to apply?

The Kootenay Co-op Community Grants Program offers up to $500 for community projects or initiatives that help us towards our Vision: We envision thriving communities with resilient food systems, where all people have access to affordable food that is healthy for our bodies, our communities, and the Earth.  These grants are funded by our generous members through the tip jars at the café checkout!

Community Grants are available to local organizations for community projects, programs or initiatives.  Successful applications will include specifics about the project and its impact on our local community, alignment with our Vision, the ability of organizer(s) to complete the project, and how our Co-op’s contribution fits within the overall budget. Organizations and programs can receive a maximum of one Kootenay Co‑op Community Grant per 12-month period. Organizations must acknowledge the Kootenay Co‑op’s contribution in their project materials.

Application Process:
1. Complete Community Grant Application. If you need more space to explain your project, additional materials are welcome.
2. Submit the completed application to Customer Service or electronically at
3. A committee of Kootenay Co-op staff, Board and members will review applications and make grant awards on a quarterly basis.

Applications Due: December 1st, March 1st, June 1st, September 1st