September 2019 Community Grants


September 2019 Community Grants

The Kootenay Co-op Community Giving Committee is proud to announce the recipients of this quarter’s community grants! The Grants are funded by spare change in the café donation jars. Lots of small donations add up to big gains for our community!

Old Fire Hall Collective Society (Nakusp)

The Old Fire Hall Collective Society has secured a five acre community garden to build a “Grow a Row, Share a Row” program and this grant will support this work. They will use the produce from this garden to supplement ingredients for the Community Soup Day, provide fresh produce to those in need and offer education opportunities.

Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN)

CBEEN has been awarded a grant for their Wild Voices for Kids program, which supports K-12 school-based environmental education in the Columbia Basin. Wild Voices offers a diverse range of experiential programs that connect students to the natural world at their classroom’s doorstep. Community educators (who are local specialists, such as scientists, interpreters, cultural liaisons, etc.) develop and deliver presentations and field studies that are linked to the BC curriculum while covering a variety of environmental and cultural topics that relate to the students’ local community. Through these programs, students deepen their connection with the environment, helping them to understand and improve their relationship with the natural world. Teachers benefit from having access to curriculum-linked programs to supplement their classroom teaching.

Kootenay Collaboration Network (KCN)

Kootenay Collaboration Network received a grant for their Annual Collaboration Dinner (former known as KCN’s “Networking Dinner”), an evening dinner gathering which brings together local organizations and individuals who are working for sustainable development. Sustainable Development, according to KCN, is positive social & environmental transformation: work to eliminate poverty & homelessness; work to create environmental justice and stewardship; work to break down prejudice & discrimination; work towards peace and justice; work for gender and racial equality; work for reconciliation and reparations for past oppression. The Collaboration Dinner brings activists and organizers together for an evening of connection, contemplation, inspiration, and resource-building. The goal is to help create an interconnected web of people in the region who can support initiatives, offer ideas & feedback, and understand and empathize with the sometimes challenging work of social & environmental justice.


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