March Organization of the Month: Nelson and District Women’s Centre


March Organization of the Month: Nelson & District Women’s Centre

You can support the good work of our local Women’s Centre when you shop at the Kootenay Co-op! There are two easy ways to support this worthy initiative this month: the Change for Change boxes at each cash register or the option to add $2 or more to your grocery bill!

Donate to their crowdfunding campaign and receive
some beautiful locally-made postcards.

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  • The Nelson & District Women’s Centre provides a welcoming space, support, and free resources for women to learn, connect, and become empowered in their own lives and engaged in their community.
  • Their Drop-In Program serves as a food security resource, a hub for referrals and support, a free clothing store, and a community space.
  • They offer hot meals, free counselling services, art therapy, a feminist library, a children’s play area, a bath for women and children, and programming for girls and women around themes of empowerment, food, wellness, and social justice.
  • The Nelson Women’s Centre has a long herstory—it was originally founded in 1972, making it the longest running rural women’s centre in Canada.
  • NDWC affirms and celebrates gender diversity, and our programming is available to all self-identified women and girls. Self-identified women means that the programs are inclusive of intersex and trans women.
  • NDWC takes an intersectional approach to feminism, meaning that we work towards gender equity and challenge all forces that cause injustice and oppression. We aim to include all women and recognize that race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and class all influence the ways that women are oppressed.

March 8 is International Women’s Day.
Celebrate with the Women’s Centre at
The Royal for their fundraising event

Thank you for your donations!