DRAFT: Eat Wheat Free at the Deli


The Co-op Deli has always experienced high demand from our membership for wheat-free products. We have listened and responded to your requests! From local suppliers to our own in-house products, we have a great selection of wheat-free options.

We are careful not to label products as ‘gluten-free’ unless they were produced in a certified, gluten-free environment and are sold in sealed packaging. (Due to the potential for cross contamination, we strongly recommend that people with sensitivities to wheat and/or gluten avoid unsealed products from the Deli.)

One local supplier bringing us delicious wheat-free products is Cafe Melange.  Cafe Melange proprietor, Myriam Zbinden-Laplante, has introduced muffins, quiche and many types of cookies made without wheat. Instead, she uses nut flours for her sweet items and potato and rice flours for her savoury items. And if you haven’t tried any of Enjoi’s mouth-watering raw desserts, you might be surprised to find that almost all of them are also made without wheat or gluten. These and other local suppliers have been replacing wheat with alternative ingredients, showing us all how successful and simple wheat substitution can be!

When we started to make Deli products in-house, we made a conscious effort to provide wheat alternatives. Our Paninis are a perfect example. While we offer a variety of wheat breads, we also have wheat-free or gluten-free options! They are made to order to ensure freshness and quality. Come by the Deli and ask us about making the perfect Panini for you!

Our deli staff are well-versed in our products and we’re excited to give you some suggestions for wheat/gluten free eats and treats. Bon Appetit!

Annie’s pick

The Co-op’s own Grilled Smoked Bison Rueben Panini

The flavours in this panini are a really great combination, especially with this  sauerkraut. Also, I really like that there is a gluten-free option.

John’s Pick

Enjoy Raw Raspberry Cheesecake

These raw cheesecakes are super delicious! What else can I say, except that it’s hard to choose which flavour to get!

Joanne’s Pick

Enjoy Raw Nelson Bar

It tastes sooo good and because it’s a raw, gluten free dessert makes it a healthier option too.

Christoph’s Pick

Feed Your Soul Cauliflower Cashew Loaf

It’s really moist and flavourful wheat-free loaf. Very tasty and nutritious too!