Ingredients Containing Gluten


The gluten containing grains and products made from them must be avoided on a gluten free diet. Unfortunately many products may be made from these grains yet not be immediately obvious upon reading ingredients. Be aware of what to look for:

 The following ingredients are derived from glutinous grains:

 •             Malt or malt flavouring (can be made from barley)

•             Malt vinegar (made from barley)

•             Graham Flour

•             Bulgur

•             Farina

 Additional ingredients frequently overlooked that often contain gluten:

•             Binders

•             Bleu cheese

•             Breading, Coating mixes

•             Broth, Soup bases

•             Brown rice syrup (if barley malt enzyme is used)

                Candy- chocolate, licorice, hard candies etc

•             Croutons

•             Caramel colouring (made from barley malt enzymes)

•             Coatings

•             Colourings

•             Coffee substitutes

•             Dextrins

•             Drugs and Over-the-Counter Medications•         Excipients

•             Fillers

•             Flour or cereal products

•             Imitation meat products or seafood

•             Hydrolyzed vegetable protein – HVP

•             Hydrolyzed plant protein – HPP•               Marinades

•             Mono- and di-glycerides (made using a wheat starch carrier)

•             Nutritional Supplements: Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal

•             Pastas

•             Processed lunch meats

•             Preservatives

•             Sauces, Gravies

•             Self-basting poultry

•             Soy sauce or soy sauce solids

•             Starch and Modified food starch (when derived from wheat)

•             Stuffing/ Dressing

•             Thickeners

•             Texturized vegetable protein – TVP

•             Playdough: A potential problem if hands are put on or in the mouth while playing with playdough or are not washed after use.

 This list is not inclusive. Read labels carefully. Some products are processed in facilities that also process gluten containing grains. Many companies will disclose this on the package but not all. Contact manufacturers if needed, and as they say at the Celiac Foundation, “If in doubt, do without”