Angela’s Pasta


Meet Angela…

She lives in Invermere, BC and makes fresh, delicious, and CERTIFIED ORGANIC pasta.

It was a passion for wholesome good food and a love of cooking for her family and friends that got her started a year and a half ago. But it’s quality ingredients and hard work that keep Angela’s Pasta going. While she faces challenges when trying to get the products into new stores, positive feedback from customers makes it all worth it.

Angela loves when people get excited about the pastas and especially when they share their recipes! Maybe someday in the not-too-distant future, Angela’s Pasta will be a household name around the East and West Kootenays! Very proud to be a local producer, Angela wants to remind us all that, “Buying locally supports our communities and our environment. Fresh wholesome quality foods are always your best option.”

Need dinner inspiration? Try this foolproof delicious recipe. It’s Angela’s favourite!

Check out Angela’s Pasta on their beautiful webpage. Find more delicious recipes there, too!

Share your favourite pasta recipe with @AngelasPasta!

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