Antoinette’s Dips


Handcrafted and highly addictive! The reputation and popularity of Antoinette’s dips now precede them across western Canada, but they are still proudly made right here in Nelson. Characterized by unique flavours and high quality ingredients, these dips, spreads, salsas and tapenades, are versatile and delicious. What’s more, at the Kootenay Co-op you can purchase many of these dips in bulk, saving money while also reducing single use packaging! Owner, Troy Swanson, brings a lifelong appreciation for food and food producers to his work, and his dedication to quality shows.

Read on to learn more about this great True Local product and supplier.

Who is the creator behind Antoinette’s Dips:

Troy Swanson owns In Your Face Foods. Along with a great local team of employees, he makes, packages and markets dips under the Antoinette’s brand, selling them throughout the Kootenays and across BC and Alberta.


What do you make?

We produce a variety of dips, salsas and tapenades. Our products have a unique, fresh flavour and quality that our customers describe as “highly addictive.” Our products include: Salt Spring and Chili Dips, Wicked Chili Salsas, Hummus, and Kalamata and Black Olive Tapenades.

How would you describe your company?

In Your Face Foods is an artisan food producer happily located in the beautiful West Kootenays of British Columbia. For us, artisan food is about creativity and integrity, it’s about caring for the person who eats our food, the ingredients we use and the environments they come from. It’s about taste. Food crafted in small batches with the utmost attention to detail in process and ingredients simply tastes better than its industrialized counterpart.


How long have you been in business?

Fourteen years.

What motivated you to start?

I grew up on a farm and I have a great appreciation for food producers. I love cooking and food in general. I had fallen in love with the Antoinette’s dips so I jumped at the opportunity to become the new owner when the company went up for sale.

What are some of your greatest joys?

Getting emails and phone calls from people describing how much they love our products.

What are some of your greatest challenges?

Balancing the work life with family life and my love of being in the mountains.

What is your vision for your company?

My vision is to keep up the brand’s tradition of high quality ingredients, handcrafted into great tasting products. We strive to keep quality, cost accessibility, and dietary needs in mind. We hope to keep creating products whose unique flavours and quality instantly turn people into loyal, long-term customers.


Why is local food and/or local purchasing important to you?

It makes our local economy more vibrant and more sustainable.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?

Thank you very much for your support and business over the years; we hope you will continue to enjoy our dips for many years to come.




Learn more on Antoinette’s Dips’ website.

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