Breads by Julius


Breads by Julius

Breads by Julius is a home-based, one-man in a wheelchair operation, producing hand crafted breads right here in Rosemont. Baker, Vladimir Juhas, began experimenting with bread making to recreate the tastes he remembered from his childhood in Slovakia. His unique 20 hour fermentation process has resulted in fantastic breads with deep flavour, exquisite texture, and superior digestibility.

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Who is the baker at Breads by Julius?

Vladimir Juhas. Many people call me Julius, from my last name.

Vladimir Juhas

Where are you located?

Nelson, BC. I have a bakery in my home in Rosemont.

How would you describe your business?

Breads by Julius is a home-based, one-man in a wheelchair operation, producing hand crafted breads.

What type of bread do you bake?

My specialty is long fermented breads. I make sourdough breads fermented for at least 20 hours. I also make regular yeast baguettes, and ferment these for at least 20 hours as well.

This long fermentation is quite a unique process, isn’t it?

Yes, pretty well no-one does this long of fermentation. But I have found the long fermentation really brings out the best in the bread. For the sourdough breads it really brings the flavour out and gives the sourdough a long time to work, resulting in easier digestion. The  baguettes use a specialty flour, and long fermentation enhances the texture. It helps give the baguettes their classic chewy texture and a nice crusty exterior.

What motivated you to begin baking bread?

I am originally from Slovakia, and the breads were really good when I was growing up. They were very natural and fresh; just good, home made style bread. I moved to Canada when I was 19, and to be honest, I could not believe the bread I found in the markets…you know that fluffy white stuff?! I found one good German bakery in Hamilton, but back then non commercial bread was really hard to find. I began experimenting for my own consumption, and really enjoyed the art of it. I became very interested in different recipes and ingredients.

How long have you been running Breads by Julius?

Just one year now. After baking for myself for over 30 years, I finally got to a stage where I could say I can not bake a better bread, so it was a time to share the taste with more people.

I began by selling my breads at the Farmer’s Markets in Nelson. The reception was very positive. The Farmer’s Market is seasonal so I thought the Co-op would be a great place to make my breads available year round.

What are some of your greatest joys?

When people say how much they like what I bake.

What is your vision for your company?

I just want to keep on going as long as I can, and to continue experimenting with different flavors and ingredients.

Why is local food and/or local purchasing important to you?

Local, especially for a fresh product like bread, makes the only sense. By purchasing local you can avoid dough conditioners, preservatives, and other things used to make breads last longer. You can know better what you are getting.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?

Thank you all for eating my bread! It has been a pleasure to work with the Co-op and I appreciate the supportive customer base that has been building up.

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