A Visit to Canyon City Farm


The Moores are a 3rd generation farming family on a parcel of land on Canyon-Lister road.  The Moores were happy to answer questions and host a short visit at their picturesque farm, set in gently rolling hillside that is beautiful to behold and also poses a definite farming challenge! 

Their principle crops are organic carrots, beets and potatoes.  They also grow some organic peppers, squash and corn.  It was interesting to see the knowledge and skills the Moores bring to bear on their land, creating a farm that really maximizes all possibilities.  It was spring and there was still much planting to do. The young plantings were still small and, as we went after heavy rain, it was muddy in the fields!

We were able to check out their new tractor, an expensive and necessary piece of equipment. Heavy equipment like this requires regular payments and makes you realize how hard it is to make the farm run well while also making money. The storage areas were interesting and compact! Randy Moore described how they cram in, rotate and ship out carrots from this relatively small and simple place.

I was really pleased to finally visit a farm that provides such tasty, organic produce!

-Ben, Produce