Cinderella’s Organic Housekeeping


Cinderella’s cleaning products are locally-made, all-natural, and highly effective. Utilizing organic and biodegradable ingredients, they are proud to be safe for people, pets and the environment. By offering her all-purpose cleaner in a concentrated formula and a refillable bottle, creator Yvonne Schoff hopes to help mitigate the single-use plastic epidemic.

Who is the entrepreneur behind Cinderella’s?

Yvonne Schoff

Yvonne Schoff

What do you make?

At Cinderella’s we make an all-natural, biodegradable, all-purpose cleaning product. Our mission is to make a cleaning product that is as effective and safe for your family and our environment as it is special and lovely to use.

What is in Cinderella’s Cleaners that makes them so unique?

We are very proud of what we put in each Cinderella’s bottle. We source our ingredients from certified organic producers. Our biggest reason for choosing organic ingredients is to support the farmers who use healthy, sustainable farming practices as we know it’s best for us and our environment. Purchasing organic products puts our money to a healthy cause and supports healthy living. Furthermore, we source our ingredients from suppliers who work in co-operation with Palestinian and Israeli farmers to produce healthy relationships, sustainable fair wages and safe environmental farming practices. And finally, to us pure scents make sense. Need we say more than “if overcome by aroma, please enjoy!”

Our 500ml Cobalt Blue spray bottle and economic refill are uniquely beautiful, powerful, economical and long lasting, as-well-as recyclable, refillable, reusable, and, did we mention lovely, simply lovely?!

How and where can Cinderella’s Cleaners be used?

Cinderella’s cleaning products can clean surfaces that are filthy beyond all reason! Our ‘Spray-on, Wipe-off Ready-to-Go’ spray formula sounds so easy! And, it is. But, it’s not easy on tough grime and dirt. The refill we offer is a concentrated, stronger formula that refills the spray bottle a whopping 8 times! Also fabulous, you can use full strength, straight out of your bottle for an extra-strength power cleaner that’s tough on your greasiest, grimiest! Cinderella’s cleaners will last on all your hardest cleaning days and all your toughest cleaning jobs.

It would be easier to list where and what not to use them on because they can be used almost anywhere and anytime. They’re perfect for slaying grease and bacteria anywhere, on any appliance, inside and out in the kitchen because they work so well and are 100% food safe.

They’re perfect for the bathroom as a powerful soap scum cleaner, to disinfect and clean your toilet and toilet bowl, sinks, taps, counters and walls. Cinderella’s can be used effectively to clean windows, mirrors and any glass.

Use it indoors, outdoors, in your car, on your car. It’s safe and lovely for use on boats and bikes and it cuts grease so well!

And, have you ever heard of an all-purpose cleaning product that is safe to bath your pet with? Cinderella’s is! Yes, bath your family pet. It’s gentle and safe.

Oh and yet another amazing and unique use for Cinderella’s all purpose cleaner is you can wash your fruits and veggies with it!

What are some of your greatest joys?

Cinderella’s greatest joys come from special stories of how people’s lives are affected positively by our cleaning products. I am overjoyed when people with chemical sensitivities and certain health disorders tell me that they can only use our cleaning products because of the safe, natural and organic ingredients that we use. When I started my company in 2007, I never knew it was going to have such a wonderful and positive effect on so many people in this way.

What is your vision for your company?

Our goal and vision is to revolutionize the cleaning industry. We are looking into setting higher standards for ourselves and others when it comes to packaging and would like to soon re-introduce our original glass packaging. We boasted the ‘first glass spray bottle in the cleaning industry’ at one time and sadly had to switch to plastic in order to keep Cinderella’s on the market competing with all the companies blindly offering only plastic. We know all the world’s problems that stem from plastic and are thinking of innovative ways to bring down costs so that consumers can once again have the chance to choose glass.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?

 The best things in life are simple and natural!

I’d like to add a great thank you to Kootenay Co-op and to the kind open community that we are surrounded by here in Nelson. It’s important to me that you all know that without all you lovely people, Cinderella’s cleaning products would not have been so popular so fast. Nelson has been a wonderful and personally rewarding place to live and create an environmentally friendly, family safe, pet-loved product. Thank you Co-op and thank you Fellow Nelsonites!

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