Mountain Sky


Raynald Losier and Nina George have been making handcrafted and environmentally conscious personal care products for our community since 1993! Raynald and Nina started Mountain Sky so that they could stay home with their young daughters, and the name for the company came from the girls’ middle names. Their products continue to be a labour of love to this day.

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Who are the makers at Mountain Sky?

Raynald Losier and Nina George, along with a valued team of local employees. Their daughters Malaya Mountain and Rahel Sky have also supported the business.

Mountain Sky Family

Where are you located?

Crescent Valley, BC

What do you make?

We make handcrafted bar soaps, castile liquid soaps, body butters and lip balms.

How would you describe your company?

Our mission at Mountain Sky Soaps is to produce the best quality and distinctive personal use products by making a commitment to our families, our environment and our community.

We make all of our products right here in Crescent Valley from our local river water. We strive to use naturally based products and minimize the impact of our products on the environment.
Mountain Sky has an extensive sustainability program by recycling boxes, shredded paper and reusing containers.

We operate in a small rural community. As a business, we touch many people in our small community and in our global community. We donate gift baskets and products within our community and globally for fundraising efforts. We hope that by carefully monitoring and helping where we can, we are benefiting those around us and around the world.

How long have you been in business?

We started this family business in 1993 to stay home with our kids, Malaya Mountain and Rahel Sky.

What motivated you to start?

Instead of working away from the farm and sending our kids to daycare in 1993, we created Mountain Sky Soaps in our rural farmhouse basement.

As the vision of staying home with the kids was part of the impetus for starting the business, the name Mountain Sky came from our daughters’ middle names, Malaya Mountain and Rahel Sky. Both kids were born at home and fed home-grown vegetables as part of their diet. Growing our own food, canning seasonal produce and supporting local farms is is very important to us.

It was a labour of love and persistence that created the first Mountain Sky soap bars.

What are some of your greatest joys?

We are very happy when we meet young adults who tell us they grew up with their families using our soaps and now they can’t live without using Mountain Sky.

What are some of your greatest challenges?

Our biggest challenges have been competing with bigger American brands. Quite often we find that Canadian local brands are often over looked even though they are better quality and still cheaper. People are often taken in by flashy marketing and the paradox of choice. So much choice is not better for the environment.

Why is local food and local purchasing important to you?

Buying local reduces ones impact on climate change.

Body Butters in new biodegradable Eco-Tubes.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?

Thank-you for supporting our business since 1993!

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