True Local Produce Supplier Map

The Kootenay Co-op’s list of True Local suppliers is constantly growing, but we are excited to share with you a map of our produce suppliers as of January 2017!

True Local Produce Suppliers Map

This map represents a visualization of how we are all working together to localize not only our food system, but our economy. When you buy True Local products from the Kootenay Co-op, you can be sure that you are supporting your local co-op and putting money into the pockets of local producers, making it much more likely that it will remain in the community. This contributes to a healthier, stronger and more resilient economy, environment, food system and community. And that’s something we can all feel good about. Not to mention all the great local products you get to take home with you!

Click to zoom in!True Local map- NEW

The above map shows our current True Local produce suppliers. Look for the True Local icon (pictured below) and the name of a True Local farm when you’re buying your produce. Remember, when you’re buying True Local, you’re getting the freshest produce!

TL Logo 2016 smWant to learn more about the True Local program? Click here!

Want to learn more about some of our amazing True Local suppliers? Check them out by clicking here (and check back weekly for more!)