Healthy Detox Habits


A cleansing herbal formula can help get your body’s systems working in harmony again. Here are some simple ideas that can support your New Year’s cleanse or simply contribute toward good health any time of year.


  1. Sleep!
    Seven to nine hours of rest will support mental clarity and give your body the chance to catch up on critical processes.
  2. Exercise
    Exercise supports emotional health as well as helping to eliminate waste products and toxins through sweat.
  3. Lemon Water
    Starting your day off with a cup of hot water and juice from half a lemon helps to rouse your digestive system and stimulate the liver. Lemon juice can also help reduce acidity in the body.
  4. Hydration
    Most people are dehydrated most of the time, impeding their ability to regenerate cell tissues and manage waste.
  5. Eat Whole Foods
    A healthy, varied diet rich in vitamins and minerals reduces the need for supplements and interventions.
  6. Reduce Sugar and Inflammatory Foods
    Sugar, alcohol, coffee, and refined flours can increase inflammation in the body, suppress the immune system, and impede digestion.

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