Did you know that there is a natural, proven and comprehensive healing system that is safe, effective for people and animals, that costs literally pennies per treatment? There is, and it’s called Homeopathy!

 Homeopathy is a system of medicine which stimulates and strengthens the body’s own natural healing capacity, which is called the Vital Force. It was formulated in Germany in the 18th century by Samuel Hahnemann. The Law of Similars on which it is based, arose some 5,000 years ago in the practice of Ayurvedic medicine and states “that which can cause a disease can also cure it”. The Greek 4th century physician Hippocrates and the 15th century Swiss physician Paracelsus were also familiar with principles of this Law.

 Homeopathy is a healing system that works with the disease in a totally different way from conventional medicine, which works against the disease and its symptoms. For example, an anti-inflammatory or an anti-biotic knocks out the inflammation or the infection. But when a substance is matched with a patient according to the Law of Similars, it becomes homeopathic, or similar to the suffering, which is the literal meaning of Homeopathy.

 Some substances in their natural form are capable of producing symptoms in a person. These same substances, in minute form called homeopathic potency, are capable of stimulating the body’s healing mechanism to heal that same person. The natural substances from which homeopathic remedies are made include minerals and elements such as calcium, metals such as gold (Aurum), plants like Leopard’s Bane (Arnica), and  insects such as the honey bee (Apis). Even poisons like arsenic (Arsenicum) are rendered harmless but become powerfully healing in homeopathic form when matched with the person’s symptom picture.

 The potency is the strength of the remedy, and for everyday purposes two scales are used: the lower, less powerful potency is the X scale and the higher, more powerful potency is the C or CH scale. The potency strength is identified on each bottle.

 Although homeopathic remedies by law have an expiry date, they will last virtually indefinitely if you remember to:

  • Keep out of the sun and away from aromatic oils, vapor rubs, strong smells, especially coffee, mint, menthol, camphor, eucalyptus.
  • Keep in original containers.
  • Don’t return pills to bottle if accidentally tipped out – discard them.
  • Don’t handle the remedies with your fingers, but use the cap or a plastic spoon.

 The Co-op carries a range of individual and combination remedies, a selection of tinctures, gels and creams as well as a selection of books on Homeopathy. Numerous online resources and courses are available to facilitate learning how to effectively use this powerful system of healing.

 Freya Shaw, Marketing Generalist

 Staff pick: Arnica

Arnica – the most common first aid remedy is used to treat injuries, falls, blows to the body, bruises or shocks, ranging from mild to severe as well as mental and emotional traumas. I love arnica because I have observed its rapid healing effects literally hundreds of times over the last 30 years.