Fighting and Preventing Inflammation


Inflammation plays an important part in our bodies’ healing processes, but lifestyle and dietary habits can cause it to do more harm than good.

Acute inflammation is typically caused by injury – increased blood flow helps the body heal but can bring pain and discomfort. Using herbs to reduce inflammation and swelling can help with these effects.

Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, causes conditions like eczema, arthritis, and bowel disease over the course of weeks, months, and years. In addition, research now confirms that chronic inflammation also plays a key role in the development of other illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, and even cancer.

Diet, stress, and environmental factors cause chronic inflammation. While it may not always be possible for us to avoid exposure to environmental toxins, adjusting one’s diet and learning to manage stress can go a long way to help mitigate chronic inflammation.

Simple carbohydrates such as sugars and starches can lead to excess blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and high blood insulin levels (hyperinsulinemia), both of which contribute to higher levels of inflammation. High-glycemic foods like sugary treats, fruit juices, and processed grains (such as white bread and pasta) contribute to inflammation and related symptoms. On the other hand, unprocessed foods such as whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes, organically-raised meats and wild-caught fish (high in omega 3 fats) can go a long way in reducing our overall inflammatory load.

Stress also plays a role. The ancient fight-or-flight mechanism helps us get out of a potentially life-threatening situations (like being chased by a saber-tooth tiger). Unfortunately, this mechanism can also be stimulated by such everyday pressures as icy roads, workplace deadlines, family conflict, and financial pressure. Constant stress heightens our blood sugar levels and down-regulates our digestion and immunity, contributing to chronic inflammation.

Although dietary and lifestyle changes are necessary to permanently reduce chronic inflammation, herbs and dietary supplements can make an immediate short-term impact.


Boswellia is an herb that helps to reduce pain and systemic inflammation, often brought on by chronic stress. This wildcrafted plant is sustainably sourced from India where it has been rooted in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.

Wildcrafted Boswellia



Curcumin is derived from the superherb turmeric. This anti-inflammatory root has been found to help reduce whole-body inflammation brought on by oxidative and chronic stress. It’s also known to help alleviate soreness and acute inflammation caused by overworking muscles, which means it’s a great aid in when recovering from strenuous activity.

Natural Factors

Recovery 3.0


100% pure n-acetylglucosamine is biologically active, which means it’s more readily absorbed by our cells, without interfering with glucose metabolism. It’s naturally found in our healthy cartilage and can aid in joint lubrication, helping to relieve inflammation that may be caused by arthritis or overuse.

Ultimate Glucosamine
N-Acetyl-D Glucosamine



The endocannabinoid system plays an important role within our centeral and peripheral nervous systems. It helps maintain the proper functions of these systems by naturally promoting a healthy response to pain, inflammation and chronic stress.

Emerald Health
Endo Inflame

Fermented Herbs

Anti-inflammatory herbs and digestive support in one! The fermentation process helps make herbal nutrients more bio-available even before they reach our digestive tract. Fermentation also creates beneficial nutrients such as organics acids, enzymes, B vitamins and beneficial yeasts and bacteria.

Daily Anti-Inflammatory Shot



This enzyme is both a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. It gets to the root cause of inflammation by breaking down scar tissue and reducing fluid accumulation that often takes place during injury, bringing tissue back to normal conditions and maintaining homeostasis.



White Willow Bark

The original aspirin. Naturally derived from the white willow tree, this bark has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory helping to relive pain associated with headaches and chronic inflammation.

Pain Away