Healthy New Year!


The Kootenay Co-op wishes you a Healthy New Year!

When putting up a new calendar, it’s natural to reflect on the year that passed and the year to come, and to set some new goals for yourself. Although it is affirming to imagine yourself enjoying total health and fulfillment, the truth is that health and wellness are best supported by incremental changes to your daily habits. The most effective goals (calendar-related and otherwise) are SMART:

Specific: Be clear about what you’re trying to accomplish. “Eat better” is so vague that it’s unsatisfying.

Measurable: Measurable goals help you feel a sense of accomplishment. A goal like “Drink one liter of water every morning” makes it easy to feel successful.

Achievable: Your goals must be something that you believe you can achieve. If you aim too high to begin with, it’s easy to get discouraged and give up. If you make your goals more realistic, you can always raise the bar later.

Relevant: Your goals will make more sense to you if they are relevant to your life and your needs. Tie your goals into things you already do – for example, drink one glass of water when you brush your teeth. Take a moment to meditate or stretch when you’re walking your dog.

Timely: Effective goals have a time frame, especially when you’re creating healthy and sustainable habits. Even if your goals are inherently time-oriented (like a race or performance), you’ll get there faster setting short-term goals that build on your success.

Over the next month, we’ll be offering some tips for healthy habits in the new year, for planet conscious people, people on the go, and for home cooks. Check back in for more suggestions and resources, and have a happy and healthy New Year!