Kootenay Co-op Supports the Climate Strike


The Kootenay Co-op announced today that it will support the General Strike called for September 20 as part of a world-wide day of action on climate change. Co-op staff have been invited to attend the march and rally without loss of pay.

“Kootenay Co-op staff, Board of Directors, and Management all agree we have a responsibility to use our voice in the community to stand up for Climate Action,” said Ari Derfel, General Manager. “We stand in solidarity with people all around the planet in recognition that we serve our members, our community, and our food system by supporting action on climate change.”

A contingent of Co-op staff will leave work at 10:30 and walk together with board members and family members to the rally point at City Hall. In order to serve its members and honour those who wish to work, the Co-op will remain open with limited staff and services. The Co-op is one of Nelson’s largest private employers with over 175 staff members.

Co-op services will be affected during the strike (from 10:30 to 1:30)

  • There will be no hot bar
  • There will be no service at the Butcher Shop
  • There will be no café drinks – drip coffee only
  • Customer service will be very limited

Members are invited to join the Co-op contingent! Simply meet us in front of the store at 10:30!

Learn more about the strike: https://www.facebook.com/fridaysforfuturenelsonbc/