March 2020 Community Grants


March 2020 Community Grants

The Kootenay Co-op Community Giving Committee is proud to announce the recipients of this quarter’s community grants! The Grants are funded by spare change in the café donation jars. Lots of small donations add up to big gains for our community!

Bee Awareness School Program

Bee Awareness Society  has received a $500 grant for new hives for new glass observation bee hives at Hume and Wildflower schools in Nelson.  “We teach the school children the life cycle of the honeybee, basics of pollination, why it is important, risk to all pollinators and what students, their families and community can do to reduce the risk to all pollinators in their own back yard.  We instill responsible stewardship to the school children at an early age so that this generation can make a difference now and in the future.”

Queen of the Selkirk College Observation HiveSweat Bee 3

 Food Fun for Families Program

Kootenay Kids has received a $500 grant for their ‘Food Fun for Families’ program.  This 4-week program for families with young children is a chance for children and adults learn valuable skills together about growing, harvesting, preparing and enjoying food in a relaxed, pleasant environment to encourage new ways to prep, sit down and eat together.

Kootenay Kids |

Jardins Communautaires

AFKO has received a $250 grant for the irrigation system for their community garden. Along with providing access to french culture and language, they also have a strong environmental policy.  What better way to bring people together than over a shared garden plot where community members can share knowledge, laughs, and of course, food?