Nelson Commons – Hiring Local Talent


Nelson Commons – Hiring Local Talent

The Kootenay Co-op has long understood that business enterprises can put community first. It is the essence of a co-operative – where people come together to collaboratively meet their collective need.

We have 39 years of demonstrating that we are a part of and committed to this community – from our local product lines, to incubating new businesses, to supporting community organizations and events. Our local products, wages, and member patronage returns are re-circulated in the community, contributing to a vibrant West Kootenay economy. This same practice we employ day-to-day, has also been a key part of our approach to the Nelson Commons project and from the beginning, we have been carefully evaluating our options for working with local people and materials.

Due to the complexity and scale of the project, we ended up working with an architectural firm and construction firm from Vancouver. However, the construction firm’s owner has roots in the West Kootenays, are committed to local hiring, and already know many of the local players.

To that end, since the beginning of the project, we have worked with local architects, a local designer, chartered accountant, landscape designer and engineers to help us create Nelson Commons. Over the course of the project, there will be many opportunities for local tradespeople to work on the project, from concrete to cabinetry, mechanical to painting, timber framing to landscaping, we anticipate that local trades will be inspired by our co-operative principles to consider joining together to provide the scale of service necessary for a project of this size.

We expect to begin the process of demolition and then construction in the Fall of 2014. At each stage of the creation of the Nelson Commons building, outreach to relevant local trades will be undertaken to solicit qualified applications. We are excited to share this important project with those who live and work here – and believe that together we will create something that will be built to last and serve the community for decades to come.


Abra Brynne, Board President


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