Organization of the Month: Nelson Community Food Centre


“We are adjusting our programs and events calendar to minimize the risk of COVID 19 spreading in our building and community. We are now focusing our efforts on delivering our Good Food Bank program and starting our garden. If you need food, you can come to 602 Silica Street, Wednesdays, 1- 5 pm. Call us to book an appointment at 250 354 1633.  For more information, visit the Nelson Community Food Centre website.”

Organization of the Month: Nelson Community Food Centre

Vision: A thriving community where people come together around good food for all.

This month’s featured organization started out in 2001 as literally a cupboard of food in a church secretary’s office. That’s where the name “Nelson Food Cupboard” came from. They have evolved significantly since those days and with a Vision of “a thriving community where people come together around good food for all” and a Mission “to give meaning to food as a basic human right,” the Kootenay Co-op endeavours to support their good work, with your help.

With a focus centred around food access, food literacy, food security, and community engagement, there is undeniable value in the continued success of organizations like this one in our community. The Nelson Community Food Centre’s programming includes:

  • Good Food Bank, which is barrier-free and places a high value on healthy food – a refreshing departure from many other food banks on this continent. They aim to source all food from local farms, backyard gardens and locally-owned businesses whenever possible, and they make every effort to provide at least five fruit and/or vegetable choices each day of operation.
  • Food Skills programs, which focuses on teaching how to cook healthy and budget-friendly meals while having fun in the kitchen!
  • The Nelson Community Food Centre Garden, which focuses on urban farming, especially as a learning tool for children, youth and community members.
  • and Harvest Rescue, which gleans fresh produce from backyard gardens and from nearby farms!

Such programs provide opportunity for Kootenay community members to have access to good food in a supportive environment as well as the chance to learn about how to grow, prepare and enjoy good food at home!

Donate at the tills: anytime in May, you can add a donation of $2 or more to your grocery bill. You can also donate online through their website here.

Nelson Community Food Centre gets every penny.

Learn more on their website.