The June Board meeting was a long and interesting gathering in which many exciting ideas & topics were shared and discussed. Following is an update of our various committees and their current focus and projects:


The committee hosted a Director Day to celebrate our amazing Co-op’s 40th birthday alongside member-owners on June 26. It was a fabulous opportunity to connect face to face with members and hear their feedback, including a whole lot of excitement about the construction of our Co-op’s new home!

We also know that some member-owners want more opportunity to understand the work of the Board and to provide feedback on the issues we’re considering on behalf of our membership. The Membership Outreach Committee has been gathering ideas for improving our ongoing dialogue with members, and is renewing our commitment to keep members ‘in the loop’ and easily able to communicate with the Board. As always, there’s a place at the table of our regular meetings if you would like to become more involved in our Co-op.



With fresh faces on the Policy Committee, a renewed sense of purpose and energy, and a very full plate, at the recent committee meeting we began an action plan to review and fine-tune many of our current policies.  This renewal, especially important in a changing and evolving landscape, is one of the defining roles of the Board as it creates the lens through which a board operates and helps us monitor operational outcomes consistent with our values and principles.  At our next meeting, in addition, we begin a review of the Rules of the Kootenay Co-op.


The committee will be reviewing templates and tools for financial reporting from the finance manager to the board to select some which best suit the fiduciary responsibilities of this board.

A treasurer will be appointed to stand until the fall AGM.

A recommendation regarding whether or not a patronage refund will be distributed to members will be made in July after reviewing the 2014-15 year-end financial report.


Since our recent communication to member-owners on May 12 about management changes at the Co-op, some member-owners have contacted the Board requesting more information about the changes. We are asking member-owners to understand that real estate matters and personnel matters are two items on a short list of items which the Board is obliged to not discuss publicly. The Board has used third-party support when necessary to ensure that we are operating within our fiduciary and legal responsibilities and we are committed to communicating to member-owners within that framework. Thank you for your understanding.