The Marinade Myth?

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Are Marinades a Waste of Time?

You may have heard the ongoing debate about whether marinading your meat is worth your time or even good for your health. Here, we throw the question on the grill!

In an article by the LA Times, it is argued that marinades barely have an effect on your meat flavour and in some cases, may even do more damage than good. They claim that marinade mixtures “won’t do much more than coat the surface of the meat” and that “most marinades won’t penetrate more than the outside eighth of an inch”, no matter how long you soak the meat.

On the other side, a study conducted at the University of Hawaii in 1999, found that marinating meat could significantly reduce the amount of bad chemicals and carcinogens (specifically using an Indian garlic-turmeric marinade or Hawaiian teriyaki marinade). The rationalization here is that the moisture added by the marinade prevents charring and reduces the likelihood of smoke filled with polycyclic aromatic hydrocrarbons (PAH) to stick to the meat.

Read up on the full articles and decide for yourself! What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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