This week in True Local NEWS


The Kootenay Co-op has been buzzing with excitement the past few weeks. As soon as we concluded the True Local Supplier Appreciation Event at the end of May, we put the pedal to the metal on our Birthday Party and Grand Opening planning! We have also been working hard to set up taps for Kootenay Kombucha, finding a new home for our True Local ready-to-eat lunch and snack foods, and setting up some farm tours!

Kootenay Kombucha is back on tap!

Read more about the that here.

True Local Move

Some of our very favourite True Local suppliers have found a new home in the store.

When you’re looking for lunch or a quick snack, don’t skip the fridges in the produce section.

Here you’ll find:

 CC’s Sushi (assorted sushi options)
 Ariah’s Edibles (spelt burritos and spelt samosas)
 Feed Your Soul Foods (spanakopita, falafel’s cousin wraps, sunflower mushroom bites, curry triangles, Indonesian rice salad and rice wraps)
 Verna’s Country Kitchen (quiche)
 Kootenay Bakery Cafe Co-operative (salads)

Grand Opening Demo Fair

Free samples all day Friday and Saturday?! Yes please!

Don’t miss the cheese cracking and try to get here right at 2 pm on Saturday to head home with free Organic Girl lettuce hearts.

Looking for True Local goodies? We have over 30 True Local demos happening on Friday and Saturday! Come meet the farmers, tinkerers, artisans, chocolatiers, brewmasters, pasta makers, bakers, fermenters, pastry chefs, ranchers, dairy farmers and all the other unique True Local suppliers who are joining us for this grand occasion!

Birthday Party

This is going to be a real street party!

We’re blocking off the alley in front of our store to make room for dancing (live music), jumping (bouncy castles), sliding (giant shark slide), art (colouring, button making, face painting, etc.), eating (BBQ, salads, gelato, cake and pop by donation) and so much fun!


That’s all for now. See you this weekend!