Why Organic?


We support certified organic products, and the people who produce them, because this system is better for soil health, for our water systems, for livestock and wildlife, and healthier for eaters too!   Although many people are first drawn to organic to reduce their pesticide exposure, there are many more reasons to choose organic – the more you learn, the better it gets!

Why Organic

  • Build healthy soil – organic farming builds the fertility of the soil, preserves biodiversity, returns carbon back to the soil, and prevents erosion, for growing healthy food now and for future generations.
  • Cut back on chemicals – Many herbicides and insecticides commonly used in agriculture have been found to be carcinogenic, hormone replicators, or negative for children’s development. Choosing organic has been shown to significantly reduce your exposure to chemical residues and significantly reduces your farmer’s exposure!
  • No GMOs – organic standards, overseen by the Canadian government, forbid the use of GMOs in seeds, animal feed, or ingredients of organic food.
  • Humane treatment of livestock – Organic standards set minimum animal welfare standards to support the animal’s health and natural behaviour – access to clean water, adequate space to lie down and groom, access to the outdoors and shelter from the elements, and reducing sources of stress from overcrowding, withholding of food or painful handling.
  • Support our farmers and rural communities – organic farming families earn more from their farms and employ more people per farm than average Canadian farm
  • Organic food tastes great! Healthy soils produce healthy food, rich with antioxidants.
  • Our locals love organic! Many of our local suppliers are certified organic, so we can support a thriving food system in multiple ways with the same purchase.  Our produce department is 99% organic, 100% of the time – everything is organic except for two local farmers who have not yet transitioned, and two tropical herbs.