January Monthly Specials


Check out our monthly flyer for some of our best sales prices for December, including:

  • Save 23% on Organic and Natural Vega One Flavours
  • Save 30% on Organic Bucha Brew Kombucha
  • Save $2 on Pacific Foods’ Organic Soups
  • Save $2 on Frog Friendly Organic Coffee

And many more in our monthly flyer!

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Organization of the Month: Kalein Centre

As a non-profit charitable organization based in Nelson, Kalein Centre’s mission is to provide leadership in end-of-life education and hospice care. They wholly recognize that even small shifts in our social and cultural understanding of death as an aspect of living fully, can lead to profound changes in the ways communities rise to meet the challenges of rapidly aging populations.

As a convener, Kalein works to draw together thought leaders and key influencers from diverse practices, interests, and sectors, inclusive of healthcare professionals, care providers and those receiving care, artists, cultural creatives, social innovators, community and spiritual leaders and others. Through workshops, dialogues, forums and community events, Kalein seeks to cultivate shared learning, with a focus on tangible best practices that fully integrate this learning.

The Kalein Centre serves our community by running various programs throughout the year that support and engage seniors and families to access the resources and community supports they need in their aging years and at end of life.

Add $2 or more to your bill and Kalein Centre gets every penny.

Monthly Flyer

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