Local and Organic…better together!


Local and Organic…better together!

Consumers often feel compelled to have to choose between ‘local’ or ‘organic’. However, in this amazing food shed of the Kootenays and with a food co-op that is dedicated to sourcing organic products and favouring local growers, we are fortunate to have the best of both worlds! When you choose True Local & Organic you get products that are great for you, your community, and the planet!

Did you know:

  • True Local means grown or made within 100 miles of our store! This is in comparison to the industry standard where ‘local’ is applied to products from anywhere in the Province and 50km across provincial lines (up to 1,800+ miles away!).
  • The Kootenay Co-op produce department is 99% organic 100% of the time! With the exception of lemon-grass, and two local growers, who are committed to transitioning to organic certification, the entire department is certified organic!
  • Our produce department works with 31 True Local produce suppliers (29 certified organic, and 2 who have not yet transitioned), and during the peak of production the department is 50-70% True Local & Organic!

  • Our largest True Local suppliers, including those who supply key grocery staples, such as Milk, Eggs, and Bread are organic.
  • Out of our total 145 True Local Suppliers, 56 or them are farmers and 36 of these (64%) are certified organic.
  • In Fiscal 2018 we made purchases of $2.6 million from True Local farmers, food processors and artisans, and over 65% of these purchases were from suppliers who are certified organic and/or use organic ingredients.
  • Here in the Kootenays we are fortunate to have our own organic organization, Kootenay Organic Growers Society, and the Kootenay Co-op proudly partners with them to support and strengthen organic agriculture and related businesses in our home region. Learn more: https://kootenay.coop/blog/kootenay-coop-news/local-organic/

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