Citrus guide

Enter the rich and juicy world of citrus

tangelo • A cross between a
tangerine and a pomelo. Easier to peel
than navel oranges. Sweet-tart flavour,
with tangy floral notes + honey sweetness.

cara cara • Deep red flesh with a
succulent + rich sweetness, like combining a
tangerine and a grapefruit. Contains more
Vitamin C + A than navel oranges!

navel • The sweetest of the citrus
fruits with mild acidity + tang. Seedless,
aromatic + easy-to-peel. A classic!
Great for zesting + flavouring sauces.

valencia • Excellent for
juicing with its nearly seedless pulp.
Thin-skinned and extra juicy with a
tangy-sweetness. Great in dressings,
cocktails, and smoothies.

pomelo • Large yellow-green exterior
with soft + tender flesh. Similar to a
grapefruit, but less tart with sweet + floral
notes. Easy to peel with a few seeds.

grapefruit • Iconic pink
blushed skin, while the inside contains
an intense + rich red flesh that holds
delicious sweet-tart flavour. Cross-slice
for the best experience!

kumquat • These small fruits
are best eaten unpeeled + whole. Peel
is sweet, subtly floral + fruity, balancing
the tart + sour taste of the flesh. Zesty
citrus zing!

mandarin • Clementines,
satsumas, and tangerines are all types
of mandarin oranges. All are sweet,
easy-to-peel, and great for snacking.

blood orange • Bright
orange skin tinged with a deep blush.
Contains dark + juicy red flesh that has
a fresh, sweet, and tangy flavour with
raspberry undertones.