Welcome to the Kootenay Co-op Delicatessen!

Our mission in this department is to provide quality, selection and affordability.  We source the cleanest products available to us and organic wherever possible.


Modified milk ingredients, so common in Canadian cheese, are almost nonexistent in our department and we are always looking to completely eliminate them.  You will also have trouble finding Sodium Benzoate, another common synthetic ingredient in most dairy and olive products.

Our huge cheese selection offers some of the best pricing in town – all competitor pricing will be matched.  Simply bring a flyer or picture of the price and we will match it!

  • L’ Ancêtre organic cheese – increased selection with larger sizing up to 2 kg
  • Jerseyland – more varieties with new 1kg size for great bulk pricing
  • Many new and exciting artisanal cheeses from Quebec and BC
  • Fine cheese selections  from France, Greece, Switzerland and England
  • Many raw/unpasteurized cheeses


We are always looking for suggestions on new cheese varieties that customers would like to see.  Please leave suggestions with staff, and Christoph, the Deli Manager, will see what he can find!

Olive bar

Enjoy the self-serve olive bar and take advantage of the opportunity to buy smaller quantities, or mix and match to create custom mixes. Olives are the best quality you will find with minimal natural preservatives and the lowest possible sodium to provide the best possible flavour.

  • Tapas from the Kootenay Co-op Kitchen made with organic ingredients
  • Certified organic pickled vegetables from local suppliers
  • Use our sample cups provided to try before you buy

More bulk choices

  • Cow and Goat Feta
  • Locally-made organic tofu
  • Dips, salsas, and hummus from Antoinette’s,  made locally with organic ingredients since July 2017
  • Organic bulk vanilla available by request at the Cheese Counter


Many of our breads are made with organic ingredients and from local producers who take great pride in providing the best possible product.  You will also find an incredible array of gluten-free and vegan breads.

  • The largest selection of breads, bagels and buns from Kootenay Bakery Co-operative made with organic ingredients.
  • Kaslo Sourdough breads made with traditional sourdough methods
  • Uphill Bakery Swiss-style bread with organic ingredients
  • North Vancouver’s Artisan Bake Shoppe breads for dark, heavy, German-style breads