Vallican, BC

BDirty Co.

BDirty Co. deodorant is a 100% natural raw honey cream deodorant handmade in Vallican, BC.

Kate, the creator of BDirty, is passionate about providing natural and effective alternatives to chemical commercial skincare. Her simple and organic ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible and are blended with the health of your skin and the Earth in mind.

Protect Yourself. Protect the Planet.

Who makes BDirty Deodorants?
Kate, a yogini, bee mama, and former urban professional, is the creator of BDirty Deodorant.

Kate How would you describe your company?
100% Natural  – Aluminum Free – Toxin Free – Non GMO

It’s the standard we aspire to live by. And pass on to you. That’s why we traded in urban life – to create an organic farmstead from scratch. And an organic orchard oasis for our sweet sister bees.

Sound crazy? It just might be! A little crazy is good.

Our B Ethics are:

ORGANIC Commitment – if a certified organic ingredient option exists, we use it. If we use a naturally occurring ingredient that is not grown or produced by humans and therefore not organically certifiable such as Magnesium, we clean source using food grade options from reputable suppliers.
ETHICAL Natural Beekeeping | Use Certified Organic Bee Products

Ultimately, we would like to organically grow and harvest ingredients for use in our products from our farmstead, as well as continue to support organic local producers and suppliers in the community. We believe in supporting our community and promoting local sustainability and environmentally conscious choices.

Honey is a key ingredient and the emblem of your brand is the honey bee. Why honey?
Honey is part of our unique formula because of its amazzzing healing power. We are often asked if our product is sticky – it is not. Just full of bee goodness! No stick. No stink. It works. It lasts. Even after long days on the Farmstead!

Honey is a sweet gift of our buzzing sisters the bees and one of nature’s exceptional health offerings. Bees make it for themselves and their brood to live on through the winter. We always leave our bees what they need to overwinter, never overharvesting. Honey is packed with everything they need, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that are beneficial for us too!

We use organic premium ‘RAW’ local honey in our products. The crystalline purity of the raw honey is largely a result of the type of clover that grows in this Northerly climate. Raw honey is unique in that it hasn’t undergone any heat processing resulting in a ‘RAW’ or uncooked product that retains the beneficial “bee derived” compounds intact.

How long have you been in business?
BDirty Co. was established in 2016.

We are thrilled to be sharing BDirty Deodorant with our West Kootenay community and love that we are able to offer the best possible pricing at the Kootenay Co-op by delivering our products personally to the store on our weekly shopping trips! It is sweet to be a member of the Kootenay Co-op, to support local suppliers and our local community.

What motivated you to start?
I started switching to natural and organic body products over six years ago after I sustained an injury that caused me to reconsider the choices I was making not only in my life, but also what impact the products I was choosing were having on the global community, my well-being and our environment. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs what is placed on its surface. Clogging my pores, which are meant to release sweat and in-turn toxins from the body seemed counterintuitive to maintaining balanced health and well-being.

Being a commercial antiperspirant user at the time, I hung in and persevered through some very “stinky” times as my body detoxed from using chemical products. I tried many natural deodorants and did not find one that worked well for me. Deodorant is such a personal experience.

So I started to experiment with making my own. And after many failures and many years of trying, I finally created a formula that worked better for me than chemical deodorants!

I started to share my little gem of a product with the ladies in my life as baby gifts to help them stay fresh and aluminum-free during pregnancy and breast-feeding. They loved it! And the funniest part was their husbands and partners loved it just as much… and bam… household deodorant theft was on the rise!

After some mass production to squelch the thievery, and some prodding and encouragement by these most loyal beings in my life, BDirty Co. came to “bee”.

I hope you love BDirty Deodorant as much as we do!

What is your vision for your farm/company?
BDirty is committed to making natural products that actually work to eliminate the temptation of commercial skincare!

Ultimately, we would like to organically grow and harvest ingredients for use in our products from our Farmstead, as well as continue to support organic local producers and suppliers in the community. We believe in supporting our community and promoting local sustainability and environmentally conscious choices.

We aspire to inspire our local and global community to enhance the health of our skin and Planet, humbly attempting to lead by example by offering effective natural products and educational information.

Why is local food and/or local purchasing important to you?
I always look first for local products and foods in order to support and encourage environmental sustainability, support small businesses and farms, and to enhance our connection to seasonal eating. And of course handmade products and homegrown foods are simply more delicious!

In our business, we strive to use local ingredients instead of more exotic options. We also attempt to source all of our ingredients from local suppliers to keep money in the local economy and invest in the financial health of our community.

We cannot wait to see our own garden and orchard begin to produce locally grown goodness on our farmstead!

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?
Ryan and I are excited to continue our new chapter this spring with phase one of our orchard build, literally growing and becoming more integrated in the West Kootenay community. Our orchard- arboretum will be full of unique varieties of fruit, nuts, berries, herbs and flowers for botanical use in our skincare products and of course eating straight off the tree! We can’t wait to share it.

Most of all we would like to offer our deepest gratitude to the Co-op and its members for the warm welcome!

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