Counter Cultured Foods

Husband and wife team, Greg and Katherine, craft Counter Cultured Foods in Salmo, BC.  Greg is passionate about fermenting and Katherine is a naturopathic physician. Together they create organic locally grown lacto-fermented foods that contribute to the health of our food shed and our bodies at the same time!

Who are the makers at Counter Cultured Foods?
Greg Janssen and Katherine Oldfield.

Where are you located?
Salmo, BC.

What do you make?
We make delicious, organic fermented foods and buy mostly from organic farmers in or around Salmo. We produce three different sauerkrauts and a kimchi. Everything is vegan. Our Real Dill tastes like a dill pickle made from cabbage and our Curtido is a Latin American inspired ferment with jalepenos and oregano added to the cabbage and carrots. Our Kokanee Kimchi is make with authentic Korean chili powder and mushroom broth. We also have a traditional kraut, Kootenay Kraut, which is delicious in its simplicity, highlighting the fresh vegetables.

How would you describe your company?
We are a sustainable, small batch, family run business that works with local, organic farms to bring high-quality, delicious fermented foods to the Kootenays . We like to do fun and inspired ferments. It’s our belief that buying from local farms and using seasonal recipes results in a delicious product, benefits the local economy, and increases regional food security. We are also fermenting in stainless steel and bottling in glass to avoid plastic.
Counter Cultured Fermented Foods purchase their ingredients from True Local Farms including Red Lion Organic Farms, Salix and Sedge, and Tulaberry

How long have you been in business?
1.5 years.

What motivated you to start?
Greg has been a fermenter for years, initially brewing beer in Seattle WA for our friends and family. He then became interested in fermenting all types of food and even traveled to North Carolina to study fermentation. Katherine is a naturopathic physician and her interest in the health benefits of lacto-fermented foods coupled with Greg’s skill in making them led to their business idea. It’s fascinating to watch the natural relationship of lactic acid bacteria and vegetables – preserving the food, increasing the nutritional potential of the food, and resulting in a delicious “super-food” for the human gut.

What are some of your greatest joys?
We love spending time with our family and living in the Kootenays.

What are some of your greatest challenges?
Having a micro-organism as a coworker, and tailoring production to match the season. These challenge are also what keeps our business interesting and fun!

What is your vision for your company?
We’d like to grow our market primarily in the Kootenays. It would be a lovely chain reaction to have more people incorporating our locally produced fermented foods into their daily diet, thus supporting their health, the local food movement and the economic health of our community!

Why is local food and/or local purchasing important to you?
Buying local is a tremendous benefit to the community.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?
Buy your food from local farmers and from stores like the Kootenay Co-op that support local farms and food producers. Thank you for supporting us! We feel the love!

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