Fruitvale, BC

Earthy Organics

This farm is all about organics! Not only do they grow delicious True Local produce, they work hard to inspire others to do the same. Their farm tour program for schools and customers is a great example of the opportunity for farm-to-fork in our region. If you want to know where your food comes from, if you want to meet your farmers and see where your food is grown, you can! Just ask.

Who are the farmers at Earthy Organics?
Jeanine Powell is the owner and her husband, John Abenante is the farm manager.

“We want to ensure that the next generation has a chance to learn about organics and then feed information to their families.”

And what do you do on your farm?
We are certified organic vegetable growers and we also sell eggs, organic seeds, Gaia Green products, Seasoil bags and plant starts in the spring.

We have 2 greenhouses and farm 1.5 acres of mixed veggies and a half acre of cover crops. I also hay 10 acres–7 acres of leased land and 3 acres on our own top field.

How would you describe your farm?
Our operation is organic vegetables of all varieties with plant sales in the spring. We also teach courses and offer school farm tours. We harvest veggies for the Kootenay Boundary Food Producers’ Co-op  (KBFPC) to wholesale, and attend the Rossland and Trail farmers’ markets. Sales range from Rossland to Nelson area.

We are certified through Kootenay Organic Growers Society (KOGS # 93), and our practices are 100% organic, so customers can feel confident that they are eating good local food. Our mission has us in all directions: to promote good organic farm practices, to teach, to educate local school children and our customers. Part of the reason I attend markets is to promote our product, but while there, I love talking about organic farm practices.  School tours are so important to us. We want to ensure that the next generation has a chance to learn about organics and then feed information to their families.

We wanted to be more healthy and to feed others healthful foods.

How long have you been doing this for?
We started farming in 2003, and in 2004 we were in full production with 50 families signed up to our CSA program.

What motivated you to start?
We wanted to be more healthy and to feed others healthful foods.

What are some of your greatest joys?
Being independent… And the joys of working hard to feed families with good organic food mean a lot to us. Living on the land has so many benefits, where do I begin…? Maybe I’ll leave that for another day. Too much to say, let your mind wonder.

What are some of your greatest challenges?
Well, the weather and water first are very important. Labour and volunteers second. And then everything else: equipment, sheds, tools, etc.

What is your vision for your farm?
The vision is to stay in the now and educate everyone on why it’s so important to grow organic food.

Why is local food important to you?
It’s important to give customers more options for local organic food and when they buy it, that gives us a chance to grow it.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?
It is very important to support your local farmers and businesses, so that we farmers have income to continue growing organic vegetables for the community.


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