Julia Cedar Design Logo.png
Julia Cedar Design Logo.png
Nelson, BC
422 Vernon Street Nelson British Columbia V1L 1S8 CA

Julia Cedar is the creative mind behind Julia Cedar Design.  She makes beautiful fabric objects for everyday life, currently exclusive to the Kootenay Co-op! Each of her designs is imbued with her creativity and concern for the environment. They are versatile, reusable, and crafted from durable recycled materials.

Who is the maker at Julia Cedar Design?
Julia Cedar

Where are you located?
Nelson, B.C.

What do you make/grow?
I make fabric objects for everyday life. Kitchen towels, napkins and lavender pillows and fabric earrings.

How would you describe your company?
My mission is to design these objects using fabric that is recycled yet very durable.  I choose organic cotton or organic hemp whenever available. The objects are easy to use in multiple ways, washable and reusable.

How long have you been in business?
5 years.

What motivated you to start?
Wanting to make something that would be easy to care for, light enough to carry on a bicycle and beautiful to gift to loved ones.

What are some of your greatest joys?
Seeing people enjoying my objects. I once went to a brunch party where the table had been set up with napkins I had made. I was actually speechless but overjoyed!

What are some of your greatest challenges?
Finding the right number of pieces to make for each new design.

What is your vision for your company?
I’d like to see my company sell in other stores across the Province. But I like it being exclusive to the Co-op for now.

Why is local food and/or local purchasing important to you?
I view local purchasing as a way to connect with our community. By buying something made or grown locally, I feel closer to creative and talented people. I like the idea that I can contribute to their successful venture.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?
It would be a huge thank you. People who shop at the Co-op show how much they care about a lot of things, including quality products and fare wages. I feel grateful that shopping local is important to them.

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