Kaslo Sourdough’s Pasta Fermentata

Kaslo Sourdough, a long-time producer of sourdough breads, has created a brand new innovation – sourdough pasta!

A True Local supplier based in Kaslo, this dedicated and hard-working family business makes products that are both delicious and healthful. The Co-op is proud to carry Kaslo Sourdough’s breads and pastas.

Who makes up the Kaslo Sourdough team?
Silvio and Gabrielle Lettrari are the proud owners of Kaslo Sourdough and their children have grown up along with the company!

Stefan is the Production Manager, Heike is the Sales Representative in charge of Accounts, and Heidi is the General Manager. Tania Lettrari, (Stefan’s wife) also recently joined the team and is part of production and sales.

Their phenomenal production crew also includes Emmanuelle Roy, Chris Lindgard and Hayden LeFranc as well as delivery driver, Geoffrey Halliday.

Where are you located?
Kaslo, BC

What do you make?
Kaslo Sourdough has been producing a variety of sourdough breads as organically as possible since 1993. Their breads include whole wheat, San Francisco, Northern dark rye, pumpernickel, sunflower & flax, 100% wheat free and organic varieties.

More recently, they started producing sourdough fermented pastas, now in 14 varieties using different types of specialty organic grains (including, but not limited to quinoa, hemp, kamut, buckwheat and millet) in five shapes (radiatori, fusilli, rotini, spirali and maccheroni).

How would you describe your company?
Kaslo Sourdough is a family-owned company and they’ve put their hearts, souls and energy into producing excellent breads and pastas. We have always worked hard to produce high quality, healthy food products for the whole family—products that we believe to be staples in a healthy diet. Kaslo Sourdough chooses high quality, Canadian and certified organic (whenever possible) ingredients so that we know what is going into our breads and pastas is going to be good for our family and for yours. Kaslo Sourdough is dedicated to continual improvement; we hope to keep setting trends and will always strive to create better food choices.

How long have you been in business?
Kaslo Sourdough has been baking bread since 1993, and have been pasta-makers for almost 6 years now— our anniversary is coming up next month, in February.

What motivated you to start?
Kaslo Sourdough started with Silvio baking out of a wood-fired stone-deck oven beside the Kaslo Mountain King for two summers. Coming from Germany, he’d been used to authentic sourdough breads and ryes—none of which could be found here in the Kootenays at that time. He and his wife, Gabi, made it a full-time business after the success of those first summers in the early 1990s. They had three kids to provide for, and a passion for good bread! Now, the business has branched out to include sourdough pasta, so that the company may support more families than just their own.

Why sourdough?
Not only did Silvio miss the flavours of authentic sourdoughs, the health benefits must be heralded, as well.

Wild yeast fermentation assists in the digestive breakdown of the key element of grains/flour: its protein, gluten. Without the helpful aid of the essential bacteria in sourdough cultures, gluten is very difficult to digest, putting a tremendous strain on our gastrointestinal systems. Excluding beneficial bacteria and enzymes (probiotics) from our grain-derived foods via fermentation can spell major disaster to our health. Mild indigestion leads to bowel irritation, leading to chronic inflammation and sooner or later, to a newly diagnosed disease called Celiac disease: a complete intolerance of any gluten-containing grains, like wheat, rye, barley and spelt. Traditional breads were once nourishing sustenance, but modern bread has suddenly become a health risk for many. For 10,000 years, people across the globe thrived on traditional sourdough fermented bread. What our ancestors unwittingly understood from observation, namely the necessity to ferment grains/flour prior to human consumption, we are belatedly witnessing ourselves. The latest scientific discoveries substantiate the connection of mandatory requirements of traditional fermentation practices and health.

What is your vision for your company?
Kaslo Sourdough wants to continue our commitment to making food that’s not only delicious, but healthy – food that’s for us. We will continue to set food trends and push the limits of what’s possible with grains, using our in-house natural sourdough fermentation technology.

Why is local food important to you?
Supporting local farmers and producers is extremely important in securing local employment and enabling families to build a life and livelihood in the area. It also contributes to our local food security.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?
Thank you to our many customers and supporters over the years, from far and wide! Working to make good food for people who appreciate it is what gets us up so early in the morning!

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