KL Skin Naturals

Leah Edgar makes KL Skin Naturals on the North Shore of Nelson. Her business did not grow out of a desire for financial success, but rather, out of a desire to provide the healthiest products for her family. Thankfully, the business is turning out to be successful! So you can provide the healthiest products (like her natural deodorant) for your family, too.

What do you make?
We make natural, made-from-scratch body care products. Our number one seller is our All-Natural Deodorant.

How would you describe your True Local operation?
We believe in creating high-quality, effective, affordable products. Every step of the production process is done by hand and every one of those steps are carefully observed to ensure premium products are delivered to shelves. We also maintain open communication with customers and address all questions and concerns to facilitate an optimum experience with our products.

You’ve been making KL Skin Naturals for 5 years now. What motivated you to start down this path?
Learning about the benefits of natural health helped me deal with a stress-related illness years ago, and it spurred a passion to create natural skin care for myself and my family. Amazingly, these products, especially the deodorant, proved to be over-the-top effective which caught the attention of the public, including store owners in the natural product industry.

Tell me about how you chose the business name… What does KL stand for?
I’m sure a lot of locals assume it stands for Kootenay Lake, and it is indeed symbolic of that, but it actually stands for Kayln (my daughter) and Leah (myself).

As I understand it, it was your experience with stress-related illness that spurred your interest in alternative medicine, but it was actually becoming a mother that pushed you to start working with natural body care ingredients.
That’s right. My staff say I was “driven by the maternal instinct to provide the healthiest options possible.”

I’m sure many Nelsonites can relate to that feeling — wanting only the best for their children.
You were once quoted saying “This business feels like trying to keep a racehorse from running. It’s gonna fly and all I gotta do is hang on!”. Do you feel like you’ve got a tight grip at the moment?
The racehorse comment is referring to how this business has always felt to me. It’s extremely exciting to feel the potential as it builds, and I know it will become more and more successful as long as I just keep moving forward and letting opportunity find me. I hope that makes sense.

What are some of your greatest joys as you race along this journey?
Winning the 2016 Clean Beauty Awards in Toronto was amazing and being featured this year in Alive magazine spread the word even further. But whenever customers approach me just to tell me how much they love my products… that’s what makes it all worth it!

On the flip side, what are some of your greatest challenges?
Keeping up with demand!

What’s your vision for your business?
Our plan is to continue gradual growth and development to maintain our position in the ever-changing market. I will never quit because for me, it’s not just my job, it’s my passion.

Why is local purchasing important to you?
As you get older you realize the importance of community, and how wonderful it feels to help, and be helped by others. I could not have started this business without the amazing entrepreneurial support this town offers. In return, we purchase supplies locally whenever possible even though there may be more economical sources across the ocean.

Our community is very supportive of fresh ideas and new endeavors. I’m glad you were able to take advantage of all Nelson has to offer! If you could deliver a message directly to our members, what would it be?
KL Skin Naturals would like to thank the Co-op and its members and customers for all their support and choosing to support local!

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