Nelson, BC

Queen City Crisps

Nelson locals, Rob & Yvonne are the proud owners of Queen City Crisps. This entrepreneurial venture arose out of a desire to contribute to the local economy and provide a True Local cracker option that’s gluten free. Every step of production takes place in their home-based bakery and the result is a unique and delicious gluten free crisp. This a truly “Family-run” business… keep an eye out for their next demo for a chance to meet their niece, Sarah, handing out free samples of these yummy treats.
Read on to learn more about this innovative local company!

Who are the makers at Queen City Crisps?
Rob & Yvonne Young

What do you make?
We produce gluten free crisps in three flavours: Tuscan (with sun-dried tomato and parmesan), Cranberry Pecan and Sesami Nori (a dairy-free option)

You’ve been doing this for 4 years now. What motivated you to start?
Yvonne brought home-baked crackers to sell at a downtown farmers’ market. She was met with a surprising number of requests for gluten free crackers. She began experimenting and developed a delicious recipe. The business grew from that initial challenge.

Farmers’ Markets are such an amazing way to conduct market research. And what are some of your greatest joys?
We have crisps purchased by people visiting shops in Nelson, Vancouver, and Victoria. Those customers then call us from other parts of Canada and the USA requesting our products.

It must be so nice to hear from loyal customers from all across this giant continent! What are some of your greatest challenges?
Our challenges include sourcing quality ingredients, and improving efficiencies in production and packaging.

Ain’t that the way. . . ? What’s your vision for your business?
To continue our high-quality standards and grow our company gradually.

Why is local purchasing important to you?
Buying local is our way of supporting our local community economy.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members, what would it be?
The Co-op’s True Local program has been a huge support to our business and we have had incredible support from Co-op customers. Thank You!

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