Raven Roast

Raven Roast is an herbal coffee alternative hand-crafted in the Slocan Valley! Makers Brendan Murray-Nellis and Rachelle Perkins created Raven Roast using high quality ingredients and herbal wisdom. It’s full bodied and rich, and has that roasted flavour coffee drinkers crave, without the jitters or afternoon crash.

Who are the makers at Raven Roast?
Brendan Murray-Nellis and Rachelle Perkins

Where are you located?
Slocan, BC

What do you make?
Raven Roast, a gluten-free herbal coffee alternative.

How would you describe your company?
We produce Raven Roast Coffee Alternative with organic and gluten free ingredients in a commercial kitchen in the Slocan Valley. It’s our goal to give you a full bodied, rich, roasted flavor so delicious that you won’t miss your morning coffee.

How long have you been in business?
3 years

What motivated you to start?
We wanted to create a Coffee Alternative that was gluten free and didn’t taste watery. We believe taste matters! After being uninspired by coffee alternatives that taste like barley water, Raven Roast was formulated using high quality ingredients and herbal wisdom.

Brendan is trained as a herbalist and a Registered Acupuncturist. We wanted to create a coffee alternative that naturally promotes energy, stamina, and wellness. Both varieties use herbs that have a long history in European, South American, Aryvedic and Chinese Medicine traditions.

What are some of your greatest joys?
Raising our young family here in the West Kootenays. We love living in this beautiful rural area and being involved in the health and well-being of our community.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?
Raven Roast is a great way to get the rich bold flavor of coffee when you’re trying to reduce or eliminate it from your diet. If you’re craving a strong dark roast or a creamy latte but want to avoid the jitters and the afternoon crash, then Raven Roast is the perfect coffee alternative.

Thank you very much for giving Raven Roast a try and for supporting local suppliers!

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