125 Hall Street, Nelson, BC V1L 4B8

Torchlight Brewing Company

Quench your thirst with True Local Torchlight beverages! In addition to their delicious beers, Torchlight Brewing crafts citrus bitters and real Italian soda syrups right here in Nelson, BC. Made with over 65% juice and minimal ingredients, their Italian soda syrups can be blended with carbonated water or club soda to make your own delicious sodas. Torchlight’s citrus bitters are hand crafted in small batches and are designed for crushable cocktails. Amazing recipes are included! Creator Robert George’s enthusiasm for his products is infectious! Look out for his fabulous tastings in store, every Friday afternoon for the month of August.

Who is the soda mastermind at Torchlight Brewing?
Robert George

What does Torchlight Brewing Company make?
Craft-brewed beer, soft drinks, bitters and Italian soda syrups.

How would you describe your farm operation/your company?
Torchlight Brewing Co is a microbrewery in Nelson B.C committed to making high quality and innovative all natural craft beer and sodas using environmentally-conscious practices.

How long have you been in business?
Four years.

What motivated you to start?
We wanted to provide locally sourced alternatives for popular beverages. I love creating and and working with flavours to create really authentic and unique drinks.

How do people use your soda syrups and citrus bitters?
Both products are concentrated and go a long way. With the Italian Soda syrups, add 15-20mL to a glass with ice and top with club soda. Add a spash of something stronger if your heart desires. I add Dolomite minerals to the Italian Soda Syrup imparting an extra authentic flavour.

The bitters are hand crafted in small batches with fresh citrus peel and unique spices, packing them with flavour. Just one dropper creates a crushable cocktail! Each pack of bitters can make 100-200 drinks.

Some recipe ideas from Torchlight, look for more included with your bitters!
Keel Hauler: 2 oz light rum, 1 oz demerara syrup, 4 coconut water ice cubes, 1 dropper Torchlight Lemon Bitters, 1 lemon wedge.
Red Dog: 1 oz Gin, 1/2 oz Grenadine, 4 oz red grapefruit juice, crushed ice, 1 dripper Torchlight Grapefruit Bitters, twist of grapefruit peel.

What is your vision for your company?
On the soda side of the business, we want to offer locally sourced soft drink alternatives to those produced  as far away as the United States and Europe. Torchlight is also looking into canning our root beer, ginger beer, lemon-lime and tonic water drinks.

Why is local food and/or local purchasing important to you?
It is important to keep money circulating in a local economy as long as possible. Every time I buy something from a local producer I create income for that person that allows them to buy something from me and/or others. Their spending becomes my income and we both create wealth and sustainability for each other.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?
Think local; drink local! Thank you!

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