Has injury, illness or unexpected circumstance been preventing you from shopping at the Kootenay Co-op?

We offer a free Home Shopping Service for qualifying members who aren’t physically able to travel to and through the store.

Please complete a Home Shop Program application. Application forms are available at Customer Service. We will review your application within three days of receiving it.

We can only accept applications which provide complete information indicating that the applicant meets our requirements.


How to order:

Call our Customer Service department between 9am and noon with your shopping list. We have set aside this time to ensure that our staff can complete your order without interruption. Please do not attempt to place an order during other times. If no one is available to take your order, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Due to delivery restrictions, we can accommodate orders of 2 fruit  boxes or 15 items. If your order doesn’t fit into 2 boxes, we will call you to prioritize your shop.

Orders are available for pick-up or delivery within 2 days (not including weekends). 





How to pay:

Pay by phone with your credit card. Please have your card number and expiry date on hand when you call.

You or your representative can also put money on your account with cash, debit, or credit at the Customer Service desk. Sorry, this service is not available by phone.

How delivery works:

1. Groceries can be picked up by a friend or family member.

2. Groceries can be delivered by taxi/delivery service:

Delivery Charges are as follows:

    • Express Lane – Within Nelson city limits, Mon-Fri = $7.50/box
    • Express Lane Rush Delivery (emergency only, please) – Within Nelson city limits, Mon-Fri, SAME DAY = $10.00/box
    • Express Lane – Outside Nelson city limits, Mon-Fri = 7.50/box + $1.00/km
    • Cab – Within Nelson city limits – Sat-Sun = $12.00

Please note that the delivery fee is set by the delivery provider and is subject to change without notice.

Due to interruptions for staff on the floor while they are shopping for product and possible delays in pick-up, the Co-op cannot guarantee the freshness of perishable products although we always do our very best to preserve their integrity. If we are out of a product that you have requested we will not substitute unless you have specified an alternate product.