April Board Minutes

Regular Board Meeting Minutes

April 23, 2024


Present:  Wendy Wiebe, Maggie Jones, Mikale Leymann, Kay Coburn, James Hiebert, Cathy-Ann Glockner, 

Regrets: John Kingsmill

Staff Present: Ashley Elliott (HR Director, IGM), Sean Silverson (Finance Director, IGM), Ben Morris (Produce Manager, only as noted)

Members Present: Kamala Melzack, Lisa Backus

Chair: Wendy Wiebe

Recorder: Sadie Yancey (Board Administrative Assistant)


Meeting brought to order at 4:33pm in the Teaching Kitchen


Adoption of April Meeting Agenda:  M/Kay S/Maggie,  no amendments. All in favour.

Declaration of Interests: The Store Manager is in conversation with a company owned by Wendy’s brother-in-law about a garbage compactor. Wendy has no influence in the company. The board determined no mitigation is necessary. 

Approval of March Meeting Minutes:  M/Cathy-Ann S/Mikale, no amendments. All in favour.

Approval of consent agenda, including: 

  • Governance Committee minutes 
  • Nominations Committee minutes
  • Finance Committee minutes
  • Member Engagement Committee minutes

M/Cathy-Ann S/Maggie

CARRIED. All in favour.


Business Arising

  1. The chair welcomed two members who have nominated themselves for the 2024-2027 board. All participants introduced themselves. 

4:45pm Ben arrived

  1. Manager of the Month – Ben Morris
    1. Ben shared with the board information about the Produce department – top sellers, challenges with the supply chain, and celebrated the work of farmers who respond to a rapidly changing climate. 
    2. Ben responded to questions from directors. Directors celebrated the quality and appearance of the Produce Department.

5:08pm Ben left

  1. Strategic Plan – Staff engagement
    1. Following the all-staff meeting in March, Management posted a poll to all staff to see which topics they were most interested in learning more about and several staff selected ‘Strategic Plan’.  The directors discussed the benefits, risks, and appropriate timing of sharing the plan with all staff. ACTION The Strategic Planning Committee will task a director to review the plan for competitively-sensitive information.

5:20pm Ashley left

IGM Report, presented by IGM Sean Silverson

  1. Sean informed the board about an upcoming change to member benefits, as determined by a working group of revenue department managers and buyers.   Members currently receive 10% off when they special order a ‘case’ of a product.  This is changing slightly so that the discount only applies to products we normally carry in store.  This discount will not apply to purchases of products that we do not carry in store, due to the additional cost of labour to source, order, and receive the product. 
  2. Sean shared the highlights from the March financials, as circulated.  As with the last number of months, sales and net income continue to be strong, with March sales approximately 6% above the same month last year.
  3. Receiving Bay Door.  Sean shared the challenges of the current loading bay doors and management’s plan to replace these doors with a rolling garage door. The Finance Committee recommends this renovation.


MOTION To approve capital expenditure not to exceed $70,000 for renovations to the receiving bay.
M/Cathy-Ann S/Maggie
A director commented on the aesthetic of the main sign. It is suggested that the branded cut-outs from the doors are repurposed around the building
CARRIED All in favour

  1. Review member feedback
    1. There were several notifications from community organizations and several members with questions about nominations.  The board discussed whether it is appropriate for someone from the board to attend the Upper Columbia Co-op Council’s AGM in addition to the staff member who is on the UCCC Board. ACTION Cathy-Ann will attend the Zoom meeting on May 15th. 
  2. Budget for policy considerations. The Governance Committee requested the board approve funds to hire a consultant to assist with policy updates and drafting Rules changes to recommend at AGM 2024.

MOTION To approve consulting fees for up to $750 to support policy development
M/ Maggie S/Kay
An IGM asked about the timing of this bill. The work is expected to be completed in June – FY2025
CARRIED All in favour

  1. Budget for HR Consultant.  The Hiring Committee requested that the board approve funds to continue the work of a contractor to assist with GM recruitment, screening, and assistance on HR policy. 

MOTION To approve consulting fees of up to $3000 to support GM recruitment.
M/Cathy-Ann S/Maggie
CARRIED All in favour

  1. April Board Article. 
    1. The committee chair celebrates the work of the Outreach Coordinator. The board chair thanked the committee for organizing the board tabling in front of the store on Earth Day. 

MOTION To approve the publication of the April Board article, as drafted by the Member Engagement Committee and included in the meeting package.
M/Kay S/Mikale
CARRIED All in favour

  1. Summer Schedule
    1. The chair suggested that each director plan to take two weeks off from board duties this summer, whether or not they leave the area. Ideally this time is staggered so that board work can continue. ACTION Sadie will determine a method to share this information
    2. There is general agreement to skip the July board meeting
  2. Questions from member attendees 
    1. “Does the board not set a schedule of meetings for the year?” The BAA responded that this changes each year with that board’s balance between wanting flexibility and predictability.  Generally meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month, and at each meeting the board confirms the dates and locations for upcoming meetings.  
    2. “Are there other meetings?” In addition to the board meetings, each director participates in a few committees, which each meet monthly.
    3. A member commented on the respect and listening that they observed in the meeting, and that work seems appropriately doled out to committees.  The chair echoed this sentiment.
    4. “With regard to the Strategic Plan, is there a hierarchy of documents that staff have access to?” Staff have access to employee policies via Beekeeper. Board documents are maintained on two google drives – one for all who work with the board and one for only member-elected directors. 

The meeting adjourned to in camera session at 6:04pm