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attend a board meeting

You may want to observe.

Observing is perfect for members who are interested in joining our board, or for members who want to see how our board is fulfilling its responsibilities.  In this case, you’ll join the meeting, quietly observe, and then there will be 15 minutes at the end of the meeting for you to ask any questions on the meeting’s content.

You may want to present.

If you have a concern, a question, or information that you’d like to present to our board, let us know the topic and the desired outcome. After we get your request, someone from our Member Engagement Committee will check in with you to clarify what you need, and to see if the concern could be better addressed by one of our amazing staff.  If your topic is within our board’s responsibility, then our board will schedule you in an upcoming meeting and will let you know when, where, and how much time you’ll have.

You may want to participate.

If you’d like to attend our board meeting and chime in with your thoughts and suggestions – consider becoming a director!  We don’t allow members to fully participate in meetings so that we can keep our meetings on track and respect the time of our volunteer directors. If you’d like to become a director and be part of shaping our co-op’s future, see the nominations page for more information.

Contact your Board

Members are welcome to reach out and learn more about our Co-op’s governance, to request to attend a meeting or review the minutes, to join our board,  to send messages of support, or just to get in touch!

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