January Board Minutes

Regular Board Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2023


Present:  Wendy Wiebe, Maggie Jones, Mikale Leymman, Kay Coburn, James Hiebert, Cathy-Ann Glockner, John Kingsmill

Staff Present: Ashley Elliott (HR Director, IGM), Sean Silverson (Finance Director, IGM), Hugh Beedell (Grocery Manager)

Chair: Wendy Wiebe

Recorder: Sadie Yancey (Board Administrative Assistant)


Meeting brought to order at 4:05pm on Zoom


Adoption of December Meeting Agenda:  M/John S/Kay, two amendments. All in favour

Declaration of Interests: none

Approval of November Meeting Minutes:  M/Kay  S/Mikale, no amendments. All in favour.

Approval of consent agenda item to approve: 

  • Governance Committee minutes
  • Approve Kay Coburn as Chair of Governance 
  • Strategic Planning Committee minutes 
  • Member Engagement Committee minutes
  • Finance Committee minutes
  • Nominations Committee minutes

M/Cathy-Ann S/James.  

A director thanked Kay for her work on a Member Engagement project. 

CARRIED. All in favour.


Business Arising

  1. Review member feedback – There was no member feedback this month
  2. Hiring Committee TOR Approval – The Hiring Committee recommended that the board approve the circulated changes to the committee’s terms of reference.  After receiving questions, the committee decided to further consider the TOR. 
  3. Member Engagement February update 
    1. The board reviewed the blog post as recommended by the Member Engagement Committee. This is part of the regular ‘Board Updates’ series and, for Valentine’s Day, will feature why directors love our co-op.

MOTION To approve the board update for circulation in February

Several directors shared that they enjoyed reading the article. 

M/Maggie S/Mikale

CARRIED All in favour


4:20pm Hugh arrived

  1. Manager of the Month – Hugh Beedell, Grocery Manager
    1. Hugh introduced himself. He started at the Co-op in 2017 as a grocery clerk. He moved up through the ranks and became grocery manager 10 months ago.
    2. Hugh shared with the board information about the Grocery department – an overview of grocery staff, recent projects to make the department more efficient, successes and challenges in the past year.
    3. Hugh responded to questions from directors on a range of topics.
    4. Sean expressed appreciation for Hugh and the great work in grocery this year!

4:32 Hugh left the meeting


IGM Report – Presented by Sean Silverson and Ashley Elliott

  1. Ashley shared that the Co-op has been able to keep expertise in the area with the Rural and Northern Immigration Program. 
  2. Mid-year review – Sean presented the mid year review, as circulated. This report compared the budgeted and actual financials for June 1 – Dec 1. 
    1. Sales are up 7%, with net income and cash flow expected to exceed the budget.
    2. There was no change recommended to the FY2024 budget.
    3. A director asked how much of our debt is variable, and affected by the current high interest rates.  Sean responded that we had one variable rate loan (NDCU equipment loan) that was paid out in November 2023.  We have another equipment loan (Van City) that renews annually, so that’s the one we’ve been paying down most aggressively.
  3. Financial highlights from December- Sean presented the highlights of December financials, as circulated.
    1. Sales were up 8.2% – largest sales increase we’ve seen this year.
    2. Sean responded to questions from directors.
  4. Turnover report
    1. Ashley shared highlights from HR’s annual turnover report, for Jan-Dec 2023. Ashley will circulate the document following the meeting.
    2. Ashley shared that the turnover is below industry average and slightly lower than last year.  She has no concern about the amount of turnover, and does not see a trend of staff leaving for similar work. Generally, she hears great feedback from staff who’ve worked equivalent jobs at other stores.
    3. Ashley responded to questions from directors.
  5. Change to Member Sign Up Process
    1. Ashley shared that member signup will become digital in February.  Someone at member service will help if the new member does not want to use a screen.
    2. There is no change suggested to the Member Agreement
    3. A director suggested there be a member drive to clean up member information.
  6. New ad campaign is on the pennywise
    1. Directors were encouraged to look at Pennywise to see the first ad in the new campaign. Ashley offered that the Marketing Manager could present to the board at an upcoming meeting, if the board is interested.


Next Meetings:

February 20th at 4pm – Zoom 

March 19th at 4pm – Zoom  

April 23rd – tentatively 4pm in-person


  1. Questions from member attendees – There are no non-board members in attendance.


The meeting adjourned to In Camera at 5:10 pm