Meet Your New Grocery Manager!

Join us in welcoming Byron Hope to your Co-op team! With an extensive management background and a passion for our Co-op values Byron brings a wide range of skills, experience, and energy to his role as the new head of the Grocery Department.

Born in Zimbabwe, Byron grew up on a farm growing + milling corn into corn flour. After time spent in England, Australia + New Zealand Byron arrived in Canada and was looking to find a small town that had community at it’s heart and didn’t have a big resort vibe. On a trip to Nelson in the fall of 2018, Byron saw Nelson from the highway, a mountain town on a lake shore lit up with incredible fall colours. A week later he officially moved here.

Our commitment to supporting local and sharing profits with our community is what drew Byron to our Co-op. Now that he’s working here, the amount of passion, dedication, and genuine enthusiasm of his fellow staff is a big source of inspiration for him.

Say Hi to Byron when you see him in-store, as he’s one of the most friendly + approachable people you’ll meet – another reason we’re happy he’s here!