November Board Minutes

Regular Board Meeting Minutes

November 28  2023


Present:  Wendy Wiebe, Maggie Jones, Mikale Leymman, Kay Coburn, James Hiebert, Cathy-Ann Glockner, John Kingsmill

Staff Present: Ashley Elliott (HR Director, IGM), Sean Silverson (Finance Director, IGM), Lucas Mjolsness (Deli Manager, only as noted)

Chair: Wendy Wiebe

Recorder: Sadie Yancey (Board Administrative Assistant)


Meeting brought to order at 5:06pm on Zoom


Adoption of November Meeting Agenda:  M/Maggie S/John, no amendments.  All in favour.

Declaration of Interests: A staff member participated in a work party at Maggie Jones’ house.  There are no concerns about conflict of interest. 

Approval of October Meeting Minutes:  M/Cathy-Ann  S/Mikale, no amendments. All in favour.


Business Arising


  1. Review member feedback – There was no member feedback this month
  2. Officer Election – Treasurer
    1. An anonymous nomination was conducted by ‘Polls’.  John Kingsmill accepted the nomination of Treasurer, and as the only nominee, was acclaimed to the role of Treasurer.

5:15pm Lucas joined the meeting

  1. Manager of the Month – Deli Manager Lucas Mjolsness
    1. Lucas shared with the board new product lines introduced this fall, and preparations for the holiday season. Lucas responded to questions from directors.
    2. The chair thanked Lucas for sharing about his beautiful department. 

5:31 Lucas left the meeting

  1. Approve Committee Chair – The chair presented the recommendations from committees:
    1. Governance – Wendy
    2. Member Engagement – Cathy-Ann
    3. Finance- John
    4. HR – Maggie
    5. Strategic Planning Committee – John 


MOTION To approve the committee chairs, as recommended by the committees. 

M/Kay S/Cathy-Ann

CARRIED all in favour


  1. Discuss potential to use a consent agenda
    1. The board discussed the benefits of using a consent agenda to shorten the length of the meeting.  There is general agreement that the financial highlights should not be included in the consent agenda, that any reports could be removed from the consent agenda, and that there must be a clear cut-off date for reports included in such an agenda.


MOTION To adopt a consent agenda to approve committee reports. 

M/John S/Mikale

CARRIED all in favour 


  1. Hiring Committee
    1. The HR Committee has determined that a Hiring Committee should be struck to effectively recruit a GM.  
    2. In the interest of time, striking a Hiring Committee is postponed to the December meeting.
  2. Review board calendar – Directors discussed the changes to the calendar, as noted by the committees


MOTION To approve the board calendar, as amended, with the exception of contributions from Nominations, Hiring, and Strategic Planning Committee, which have not had a chance to review.

M/Cathy-Ann S/Kay

CARRIED all in favour


  1. Discuss potential to post minutes on website
    1. The member engagement committee recommended that the regular meeting minutes be posted on the website to promote transparency, to help members and staff know what the board does, and to make the minutes more easily accessible to interested members. 
    2. In addition to these minutes, there will be a periodic board update posted on the Co-op’s blog that gives more detail on the role of the board. 


MOTION To post the approved regular board minutes on the Co-op’s website. 

M/Miklae S/Cathy-Ann

CARRIED all in favour. 


  1. Set standing time for board meetings – The directors decided that the recurring time for regular board meetings will be 4pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  
  2. Document Storage – Sadie informed the board on the appropriate way to store committee minutes. 


Committee Reports

During this portion, Maggie had intermittent internet issues. 

  1. Wendy presented the highlights from the minutes of the Governance Committee, as circulated. 
  2. Sean shared the highlights of October financials, as circulated by the Finance Committee
  3. Cathy-Ann shared the highlights from the Member Engagement Committee minutes, as circulated.
  4. John shared the highlights from the Strategic Planning Committee minutes, as circulated.
  5. HR Committee report was presented In Camera due to confidential information related to personnel.


IGM Report

  1. Sean Silverson and Ashley Elliott shared the IGM report including updates on a potential grant, holiday preparations, and staff training.


Next Meetings:

December 20th at 4pm

January 23rd at 4pm


The meeting adjourned to In Camera at 6:36 pm